SALEM — At the core of St. Joseph School is a commitment to faith, knowledge and virtue. “Understanding and celebrating the many facets of the faith keeps our students thinking and engaged in our Catholic faith and values,” said school leaders in a press release. “At St. Joseph we strive to keep all aspects of a student’s educational experience centered around Christlike values, encouraging them to become more saintlike in all that they do.”

St. Joseph is a part of one of the largest parishes in the Archdiocese of Portland. The urban location gives students a sense of their community, which in turn feeds their desires to make a difference, according to school staff. 

The student council, for example, has spearheaded several community outreach projects centering around assisting those who are less fortunate, including collecting food for the homeless, collecting cold weather clothing for Union Gospel Mission and writing cards for the homebound.

The school strives to keep academics challenging, creative and faith-based. There is a dedicated science lab with a hands-on program created by the Smithsonian Institute, a program that allows students to better understand the world around them. 

Math and literature programs are ability-based, enabling students working above grade level to be challenged continually. 

St. Joseph also offers orchestra classes, sports and a variety of after-school clubs.

“St. Joseph is a place where all feel at home and a part of a larger family,” reads the press release.  

To schedule a tour, contact the school office at 503-581-2147.