Here at Clare Hall, as eighth grade graduates of Franciscan Montessori Earth School, we have undergone unique experiences and have grown into skillful individuals because of our time at school.

Each of us have participated in activities that hone our talents and knowledge while being of service to our community: making a mosaic, designing a mural, starting a newspaper, creating a literary magazine, volunteering at St. Joseph The Worker Parish, and supporting the children’s library.

We also run a micro-economy community-supported agriculture program and donated the majority of our profits this year. Our largest donation was $1,500, given to the Franciscan Friars at Duke University’s Catholic Center to help with relief programs in Poland for Ukrainian refugees.

As you can see, community service is an essential part of the Clare Hall experience, and this year’s graduates in particular have shown our commitment to serving others.

We have endured the adversity of the pandemic; however, it is through these experiences that we have matured and strengthened ourselves. Each of our classmates are extraordinary human beings with their own gifts that both show our individuality and bring us together through shared knowledge.

We are more than proud of the students we have become over the years at FMES. The graduates here at Clare Hall all have bright and fulfilling futures ahead of them, with all taking the next step in their lives at Catholic private schools like La Salle College Preparatory, St. Mary’s Academy, and Central Catholic High School. We have worked hard to get here and we try bringing the knowledge we have learned through our experiences to communities beyond Clare Hall. We have created a supportive and welcoming community here at Clare Hall, and we will continue to foster the beliefs instilled in us as well as bringing them with us wherever we go next. These are the students of Clare Hall.

Cieslak is co-CEO and head editor of the Clare Hall Gazette. Christensen-McElroy is co-CEO and head graphic designer of the Clare Hall Gazette. Sharyan is project coordinator / chief advertising officer of the literary magazine.