Graduation for eighth graders from Franciscan Montessori Earth School will be on June 4 at 7 p.m. on the Southeast Portland school’s soccer field. Staff say the class is made up of “dynamic” leaders who advocated for their peers and behaved professionally with staff and showed “gracious empathy for others.”

Here are the graduates: Joseph Anderson, Katherine Bryan, Joslyn Bundy, Milan Cieslak, Pace Crimin, Anna Cummings, Roman Elliott, Elena Gattman, Hope Hoesing, Hazel Karon-Snow, Andreas Keirouz, Gavin Kim, Noah Leger, Madeline Luce, Flannery McCollum, Abigail Mylet, Megan Mylet, Genevieve Olson Rocha, Kaeden Rankin, Gianni Sanchez, Isaac Sund, Emily Swanson, Emma Thorsen, Anika Todd, Kelson Trabue, Carola Valdes-Loor, Phoebe Whipple and Kaiya Williams.