Judy Winczewski
Judy Winczewski
In mid-August, Judy Winczewski, this year’s chair for the Champions of Faith annual fundraising dinner, was fighting another bout of laryngitis.

Even so, she was bubbly with anticipation for this year’s dinner.

“Everyone’s excited about getting the live, in-person event up and happening,” she said. “It’s just the most magnificent get-together, a big meeting of all the Catholics in the area. You run into all your friends.”

Winczewski’s friends though CYO go back to her own teenage years, when the organization put on dances. In those days CYO was all about the Charleston, the samba, rumba and the “Portland Stroll.”

Sports were the favored activity by the time her own children became involved, and two of her three children were enthusiastic participants. (The third was a studious musician.)

Now Winczewski’s granddaughter is having fun playing volleyball, keeping healthy and learning teamwork and the values that underpin both good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

Winczewski’s daughter is assistant coach for that granddaughter’s St. Pius volleyball team.

Winczewski also chaired the dinner in 2015 and then last year, when the wave of the COVID-19 omicron variant short-circuited the in-person event. Donors faithfully supported the virtual event in 2021.

“It’s fun or I wouldn’t commit to doing it,” said Winczewski, who also is involved with the Seminary Tea Committee and her parish, St. Cecilia in Beaverton, where she cantors and is part of the choir. She is retired from teaching in the Beaverton School District, where she was a music specialist. She continues to give private music lessons.

And she does everything she can for CYO/Camp Howard.

“CYO keeps children busy in a healthy way,” she said. “That’s why I’m a supporter.”

Well… that and the dinner.

Regarding the Champions of Faith dinner, Winczewski adds, “It’s a real meeting of friends and families. It’s the social event of the year.”