Walking prayerfully around their Ashland church campus, parishioners at Our Lady of the Mountain honored Christ’s death Friday afternoon with the Stations of the Cross. As evening came, the faithful came together again at the parish for the Good Friday liturgy to hear the Passion story and venerate the cross. The veneration during which the faithful usually come forward to touch the cross was done instead from the pews because of regulations put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

“If you ever doubt God’s love for you, look at the cross,” Father Brent Crowe, administrator at the parish, told his flock during his Good Friday homily. Father Crowe began his homily referencing a story in the Chronicles of Narnia in which the character Digory asks the character Aslan to save his mother. The two creatures are the only ones in Narnia who understand what grief is, said Father Crowe.

Christ “united himself in a death like ours, so that we can share in his resurrection,” said the priest, who was dressed in red for the Triduum service.