Like many colleges and universities across the country, the University of Portland shifted to remote instruction beginning in March 2020. Last spring, the North Portland school was one of Oregon’s first institutions to unveil plans to return to in-person instruction and to require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for faculty, staff and students.

U.P. vaccination rates among students sits at 96.4% percent. It’s 96.6% percent among faculty and staff.  

“We have a multilayered health and safety approach to our back-to-campus plan,” said Herbert Media, provost and acting president.

In addition to requiring vaccinations, U.P. has adopted masking and other safety criteria as mandated and recommended by federal, state, and county authorities.

The campus is dotted with clusters of tents to allow for outdoor dining, socializing, and small events. COVID-19 self-tests are available in many locations. Proof of vaccination is required for entering sporting events.