Longtime principal of De La Salle North Catholic High School, Tim Joy, will retire in June.

“Looking ahead, our beloved school is in a strong position for its future,” Joy wrote in an email to school supporters. “I have decided, therefore, that the time is right for me to step aside so new academic leadership can continue the committed work so important to this Lasallian community.”

Joy came to the high school as vice principal in 2002 and has served as principal since 2010. At the close of the school year, he will have completed 38 years in Catholic education, all in Lasallian schools.

“What I hold in my heart is gratitude to all who have — over these many years — built the Knight Nation story,” wrote Joy. “Most of all, I am grateful to our beautiful students and remarkable alumni who, every day, remind me that our future will be in good hands.”

Joy’s guidance has been “exemplary and his leadership has been one of the most important guiding forces in allowing our school to fulfill the Lasallian mission,” said Oscar Leong, president of De La Salle North. “We are grateful for the many gifts Mr. Joy brought to our school."

The school hopes to celebrate Joy’s retirement in the summer.

“Of course, this unprecedented year is not over. We have some things yet to do,” Joy wrote. “St. John Baptist de La Salle reminded his Brothers more than 300 years ago, and reminds us today, that if we see all things through the ‘eyes of faith’ and act with ‘true zeal,’ we can accomplish great things. So you have, and so you will.”