MYRTLE CREEK — A monument listing the names of past pastors at All Souls Parish here has been given new life thanks to a crew of volunteer builders.

The cross monument was constructed years ago on the hillside in front of the parish hall overlooking the parking lot. Over time the ground underneath the cross eroded. Led by 86-year-old Jim Pynch, a team of volunteers — Joe, Teresa and Randy Pynch, John Exner, Lisa Gogal, Dan and Tim Pohl, and Father Karl Schray, current pastor — enlarged and rebuilt the cross with painted cement and reinforced it with rebar.

The structure has a plaque that reads: “In gratitude for the pastors who have led All Souls Parish and Holy Family Mission.” Staring with the first pastor in 1951, it lists 11 priests and one deacon.

In October, parishioners joined Father Schray as he dedicated the monument and led a decade of the rosary.