LAKE OSWEGO — A grassroots nonprofit has begun publishing a monthly mini-magazine to help Catholic parents teach their children about the church’s view of personhood, including appropriate ideas on sexuality.

TOB Monthly Kids caters to youngsters ages 6-9 and their parents. It’s based on St. John Paul II’s theology of the body, a set of teachings that focuses on absolute love and dignity of the human person. Topics in the magazine include “How is my body a gift?” and “Every body has a purpose.” Another issue explores giving and receiving love.

Lindsay Caron, a mother of three from Our Lady of the Lake Parish, is publisher. Earlier this year, she told the Sentinel her aim is to debunk a reductionist and self-centered view of human life and sexuality. God’s plan, Caron said, is about self-giving.

“We want to round kids out before they are sent out into the culture,” Caron said.

Her experience of getting drawn in to party life in California left her in what she recalls as an “oppressive fog.” She wants better for today’s children.

Father Matt Libra, the Archdiocese of Portland’s pro-life director, is spiritual adviser for the group.

Caron said sex education in most schools leaves out the grand realities, so her magazine takes them up.