The University of Portland hosts a program in which college graduates complete a master’s degree in teaching while working at parish schools in the western United States.

In the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education, commonly known as PACE, participants teach full-time in K-12 Catholic schools, live together in intentional communities, and earn tuition-free graduate degrees in education over the course of two years. The teachers currently serve in 38 Catholic schools across seven states, including Oregon.

The Portland PACE community has five teachers who serve at schools including St. Anthony in Tigard, De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland and St. Cecilia in Beaverton.

PACE teachers spend three summers on the University of Portland campus. During the two intervening academic years, they take a lighter load of courses and teach full time.

The get housing and receive a modest living stipend.

PACE communities live simply and are invited to build community is through spiritual growth. Many of the student teachers attend weekly Mass together and participate actively in the liturgical life of their schools. There are eight retreats during the two years.