Abbey Dankoff, Holy Family School fifth grade teacher, brought a fun-filled Pi Day tradition with her when she joined Holy Family School’s faculty.

“What better way to get students excited about pi and math than to earn the chance to ‘pie’ their teachers and principal?” Dankoff said. She asked teachers and staff if they were up to a Pi Day challenge, and everyone enthusiastically agreed, including Principal Joe Galati, who let an eighth grader shove whipped cream pie into his face.

Across grade levels, students had been discovering and exploring concepts relating to pi (the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter) and geometry. Each grade level competed in a challenge to determine who would have the privilege of “pie-ing” their teacher. The fourth grade winner, for example, was the student who could memorize the most digits of pi. While the challenges were different depending on age level, one thing was certain: the winner would get the unforgettable opportunity to “pie” a teacher. 

On March 12, staff and in-school students gathered outside in anticipation of watching each teacher and Principal Galati get the treatment. Whipped cream began to fly. Rousing applause greeted each splat.

“The bonus is that we were wearing masks, so our noses and mouths were protected from being filled with whipped cream,” said fourth grade teacher Christa Weiler. “I am very thankful to work at a school where we get to throw some fun into our schedules.”

When asked what it was like to push pie into her teacher’s smiling visage, kindergartner Hannah Beehler had this to say: “It was so fun. I didn’t do it too hard. I just smooshed it around.”

Anne Marie Ulring, kindergarten teacher, agreed that it was a gentle “pie-ing.”

The event was recorded for digital learners so that everyone could enjoy the fun.