BEAVERTON — St. Cecilia School is celebrating 30 graduates on Tuesday, June 15, at 7 p.m. at St. Cecilia Church here.

This year has been unique, and the eighth grade class has had to change some of its long-held traditions. St. Cecilia School uses the program “Education in Virtue” in which students learn about the habit of doing good. Putting this lesson into action, the eighth graders are expected to complete at least eight hours of service for the school and parish community. In years past, students would volunteer at community events, cleaning and helping the events run smoothly.

This year, because of pandemic restrictions, the eighth graders got creative. They decided that, with the help of their homeroom teacher, they would offer their skills to any teacher and student in need at the school.

The students sent out an email that listed their skills and how they would love to help. Their skills included cleaning, organizing, mentoring students in academic areas and much more. Teachers and staff were overjoyed to have help.

Early in the morning, before school starts, you can find a group of eighth graders sanitizing physical education equipment. After school, a group of eighth graders regularly meets with fifth graders to mentor them in math. Eighth graders have been helping organize the front office, get supplies sanitized and ready for the Spanish teacher and reshelve books in the library.

The students also helped in the parish community. This year, missals were given to individual parishioners so they could have their own copy. Several eighth grade students helped organize, label, distribute and sell the books.