Rotation classes at Holy Family School in Southeast Portland offer middle school students the opportunity to learn about themselves and the wider world — helping them develop interests that remain with them throughout their lives. Each trimester, they have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned by presenting skills, artwork, writings, music and performance to an audience of their peers, teachers and parents.

“As students rotate through these various experiences, they discover their talents, build their skills and gain confidence by presenting their work to an audience,” reads a press release from the school.

At the last rotation performance, for example, sixth grade music/performance students wrote and performed two original songs. Students who sang were accompanied by classmates on drums, keyboards and guitars. According to Henry Perrin, one of two performers singing, “It was kind of scary to be part of a duo because if you mess up, you mess up. But it became a magical, memorable experience. I would do it again and again and again.”

Art students dug into the world of M.C. Escher, discovering the art in creative geometry. A touch of whimsy was added by students’ 3D wire sculptures of favorite cartoon or movie characters.

Students learned about journalism by writing and presenting two articles about Holy Family School, while creative writers presented an original picture book that was student-written and illustrated.

Unique perspectives on ordinary objects were showcased by photography students. Students in the fitness/conditioning rotation demonstrated the skills they worked to improve during the first trimester.

The talent showcase has been a part of the Holy Family School culture for 14 years, “and we look forward to continuing to celebrate our students and their interests and talents for years to come,” said school staff.