Kyla Albertson
Kyla Albertson
BEAVERTON — Valley Catholic High School will hold its graduation for 85 students Sunday, June 13, at 7 p.m. at Ron Tonkin Field in Hillsboro.

Valedictorians are Kyla Albertson, Paul Lille, Lilianna Rosebrook and Cameron Wilder.

Every year, Valley Catholic School awards the SSMO Spirit Award to teachers and staff who embrace and exemplify the core values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and who go the extra mile for Valley Catholic students. In a typical year, this award is given to an individual. In a year that’s been anything but typical, the award will go to a group that went above and beyond, even though they are not teachers, and not officially part of the Valley Catholic staff.

In a surprise, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries information technology team received the award. The IT team serves the entire SSMO campus: the religious sisters, Valley Catholic, the SSMO Foundation, SSMO Ministries staff and Maryville, the nursing care facility on campus. The IT team supports more than 500 employees

Despite managing this heavy load, the IT team pivoted when the pandemic hit and provided the necessary services, training and technology to assist all of Valley Catholic School’s teachers, staff and students transition to effective digital learning.

“All of us at Valley Catholic wanted to honor the IT team with this award,” said Valley Catholic President John Matcovich. “They clearly went above and beyond for our students.”

Here are the high school graduates: Kyla Albertson, Garratt Alles, Jake Bangs, Zoe Beale, Macek Belusko, Nelly Bescond, Megan Birrell, Beck Blau, Connor Bly, Elsa Buchholz, Lola Bull, Derrick Cha, Emaan Choudry, Mia Custino, Courtney Decker, Iain Demarest, William Droessler, Galen Dunlap, Alec Espig, Luca Foord, William French, Avril Gauthier, Griffin Gilbert, Sara Hematy, Allison Heussner, Cooper Howard, Logan Howerton, Keelin Humble, Johanna Hunt, Alejandro Ibarra, Joseph Ierardi, Erica Jackson, Nicholas Keyes, Gretchen Kibbe, Thomas King II, Madeline Klopcic, Maxwell Kovalev, Morgan Lasky, Elijah Laureles, Nicklaus Leong, Paul Lille, Payton Link, Henry Lo, Nathan Lulay, Stephanie MacKinnon, Shannon Maher, Chase McCurry, Michael Melillo, Emma Milton, Joe Moore, Josie Napoli, Veer Nayyar, Darius Niermann, William Osborn, Jaden Oshiro, Patricia Ostrowski, Connor Queen, Monserrath Quesada Gonzalez, Mandaakini Raghuraman, Luka Rak, Aidan Randall, Olivia Reese, Amanda Rocha, Miguel Rodriguez Guenther, Abigail Rohrer, Lilianna Rosebrook, Alexander Rusli, Elizabeth Scales, Samantha Scales, Reese Schmiesing, Madeline Schmitz, Lauren Snook, Mason Stecher, Matthew Taylor, Isaac Terrell, Margaret Trabosh, Liem Tran, Quinn Walker, Tessa Walker, Michael Wanner, Allison Waters, Lukas Weihrauch, Alexander Wesselman, Ava Wheeler and Cameron Wilder