VERBOORT — Visitation School’s class of 2022 is one of the largest to graduate from the school in several years.

Twenty-one students, whom staff call unique and amazing, will be leaving to head out on their eagerly awaited high school adventure.

Some students have been at Visitation since preschool and kindergarten, while others have come to join later. Regardless of when they began their schooling at Visitation, this class is close-knit and are good friends.

Not only are they close friends at school, but they also enjoy doing things together away from school.

The graduates are going on to Jesuit High School, Central Catholic High School, Valley Catholic High School, Forest Grove High School, Banks High School, Glencoe High School, Faith Bible School, and even out of state to Idaho.

“Although we are sad to see them leave us, we are confident that they will all be successful in whatever path they choose to pursue,” said a statement from school leaders.