St. Anthony portrayed holding the baby Jesus.
St. Anthony portrayed holding the baby Jesus.
COQUILLE — In a small mission church just inland from the Oregon coast sits a treasure of stained glass.

The collection of 26 stained-glass windows includes not just the exterior windows around the nave but also smaller stained-glass windows in interior elements of the church. Each window was handcrafted by the community’s former pastor, Father John McGuire. The windows took roughly three years to complete, with the priest spending his days off creating them. Parishioners chipped in $250 for materials but Father McGuire donated his time.

What have the windows added to the church?

“Beauty,” says Jackie Christianson, a longtime parishioner at Holy Name. “When it’s sunny, it’s gorgeous.”

Among the images created were a selection of beloved saints, Mary and a seven-panel picture of Jesus with the children.

It was “a project of love,” says Father McGuire who now lives in Reno, Nevada. The priest picked up the craft when a parishioner asked if he’d drive her to her stained-glass window class. He agreed.

“I got hooked and she didn’t,” he laughs.

The retired pastor still spends time making stained-glass windows. He’s currently working on six projects and an additional two for a friend and for himself.