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  • The work of God
    The psalms speak to every emotion and heartbreak of the human soul.
  • Renee and the guardian angel
    Suddenly, Renee realized she was standing in the shadow of a tall person. When she turned around, she was looking right up at a handsome man, at least 10 years her senior, dressed in a grey flannel suit and red tie.
  • Truth Matters: The liberating answer of a liberating education
    Far from creating delusions of grandeur and supreme wisdom, a genuine education increases humility, for true knowledge consists in acknowledging God’s greatness and the smallness of human understanding.
  • Unity by doughnut
    The path out of current strife may be jelly-filled.
  • An old heresy
    As part of the kick-off this month of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Pope Francis has called upon us to be the “Restoration Generation,” committed to support and scale up efforts “to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide.”

  • The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), as reported by The Guardian, has warned that as COVID vaccines continue to roll out, the world faces a “catastrophic moral failure” as richer countries administer the vaccine on a vast scale, while poor countries are left behind.”

  • Bright Sundays in spring
    She cherishes the long lineage of the dress and the Catholic faith that has sustained her family for generations as she viewed old photos and those very happy, angelic little girls from her past, including her grandmother, mother, aunts and cousin.
  • Quarantine time warp
    Sept. 8, 2020, 8:45 a.m. The first day of senior year. Instead of walking to a locker in the seniors’ hall at Valley Catholic, I walked 7 feet across the room to my desk, sat down at a computer, and braced myself for what might be nine months of Zoom classes.
  • A sacred right
    Adding obstacles to voting contradicts Catholic belief in human dignity. Yes, the system needs security, but new restrictions in states like Georgia seek to repair a phantom problem.

  • From the archives
    A bill to put tight restrictions on abortions in Oregon drew what likely was the largest crowd at a legislative hearing so far this year. More than 300 persons attended a hearing last week before the House Health Subcommittee on HB 1991, sponsored by Rep. Grace Peck, D. Portland, and eight other legislators.
  • The pandemic news came so fast this spring that it was hard to keep up. Teenagers 16 and older could be vaccinated, then children 12 and up. Gov. Kate Brown announced that once 70% of eligible Oregonians were vaccinated, she would lift most COVID-19 restrictions. Then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its new guidelines: Fully vaccinated Americans could go without masks in most situations. Brown quickly said Oregon would follow the CDC guidance.

  • In a recent statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center on COVID-19 vaccines, we noted that the Catholic Church “neither requires nor forbids” the use of vaccines, but instead urges people to “form their consciences and to carefully discern the moral and prudential issues involved.”

  • From the archives
    Columbia University’s boxers triumphed over Mt. Angel College fisticuff expedients Saturday night at Mt. Angel.
  • With more than 1 million Americans who have lost their lives fighting in America’s many wars, isn’t it about time for Christians to finally put an end to militarized nationalism which accepts ongoing war as “normal,” and instead make the time around Memorial Day an opportunity for prayer and reflection on how to become modern-day peacemakers in the spirit of the nonviolent Jesus?
  • We’re all becoming Platonists now—and that’s not good
    Any political program that subordinates the individual to collective categories and ideals is dangerous and will conduce, in short order, to oppression and profound injustice. I would suggest that we all take a good, hard look at the Platonic road down which we are heading — and head back the other way.
Persist in love
    Did you watch the whole video? Could you stomach it? Did you shudder, turn away or say an impassioned prayer when George Floyd cried out in the words that bring the greatest joy or the utmost anguish to any mother — “Mama, mama!”
  • Monastery and world both move to God's rhythms
    The world looks small from here as I stand in the garden of my monastery’s cloister. Across the ancient valley beneath us, the mystery of being human is unfolding rhythmically in all manner of activity: now labor, then rest; now family, then conflict; now grief, then joy; now celebration, then silence; now birth, then death. But from this little hill on which I stand, that mystery seems distant, small.
  • Compassionate cleanup
    We think these signs of struggle are temporary and close to the surface. In Portland, common sense and compassion run deep. But that does not mean Portlanders of good will should sit still now.
  • Moon mission virtue
    Though he didn’t get the same glory as his comrades, Collins — an Episcopalian who married a Catholic — should be remembered as the consummate team player.
  • Approaching the world
    Gaudium et Spes,” the Second Vatican Council’s Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, has wisdom for today. It surpasses the usual divides.
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