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  • ‘Love’ is not something we necessarily have to say (although it can be quite lovely to hear!) and it’s not even something we have to feel. Then, what the heck is love?
  • From the Archives
    A general feeling of relief pre­vails that a means to avoid the danger of more civil war has been found, and hope is ex­pressed that Congress will provide a way to prevent like complications in future.
  • On Ash Wednesday, with dust-like ashes crossed upon our foreheads we were each invited to call to mind that this mortal body, this earthly life, is passing away – sooner than we realize – and that you and I would be wise to diligently prepare for eternity, to get our lives in God-like order: “Remember you are dust and to dust you will return.”
  • A pandemic psalm for couples
    You couples whose offspring once sprung off, we see that your formerly placid tents are peopled again with a stiff-necked 20-something tribe who do not remove their shoes on your sacred ground and who leave soiled dishes in piles reaching heights of the Cedars of Lebanon.

  • The Catholic Sentinel’s staff reached out over the past few weeks to Catholics around the archdiocese, asking about people’s thoughts on Lent. The wonderful answers gave me with so many new ideas about how I might come closer to God and do a better job praying during Lent this liturgical season.
  • With regret, I announce that the Catholic Sentinel can no longer print free obituaries for the laity. Yet we cherish the inspiring, enriching and sometimes amusing life stories of our big Catholic family.
  • Slavery ended in the 19th century, right? Wrong.
  • Why we need a distribution of power
    A crucially important feature of Catholic social teaching, but one frequently underemphasized or misunderstood, is a clear animus against the concentration of power within a society.
  • Trust the power of reason
    Instead of launching fire and fury, we Oregon Catholics must trust the sense of our argument against abortion. Nastiness only weakens our powerful position.
  • You may disagree with the politics of the new president — gone are the days of Catholic voting blocks, after all. Yet, we can all hold some pride in seeing a Catholic person, of Irish decent, holding the most powerful office in the United States of America.
  • True friends help us attain paradise
    One of my favorite Bible quotes is Sirach 6:14-16, which explains the qualities of a faithful friend. When I first read it, I was enthralled by the peace and beauty that dominated all verses.
  • From the Archives
    It is the mission of the Catholic paper to offset the literature of the day by supplying Catholics with wholesome reading.
  • Heaven’s game
    Welcome to heaven’s East-West Bowl, where great theologians of Constantinople take on Rome’s finest thinkers in an annual gridiron grudge match. The rivalry goes back 967 years with an evenly split record, including the 1309 cancellation when the West fielded too many popes.

  • From the editor
    We will try all this again in 2022, hoping to bestow the utmost coolness on 152nd anniversaries.

  • Students still thriving
    Despite the challenges this year, Catholic schools have demonstrated creativity, dedication, and adaptability meeting the needs of students and families in a variety of ways.
  • Poor 2020 — it never asked to be everyone’s whipping boy. Yet, if ever there was a year that reeked of apocalyptic nightmares rivaling biblical proportions, 2020 was it.
  • With all the bumps and craters in the road to the White House, Joe Biden has finally arrived. Biden is now the President of the United States. And with all the urgent national and international issues on his plate, the man deserves and needs our full support.

  • Go nonpartisan
    If the pro-life movement is going to accomplish its fullest potential — protecting life from conception until natural death — and effectively reduce the number of abortions, it must be truly nonpartisan. Catholics should be at the vanguard of this effort.
  • Students still thriving
    Despite the challenges this year, Catholic schools have demonstrated creativity, dedication, and adaptability meeting the needs of students and families in a variety of ways.
  • Correction
    Here is the right address: bcwiekowsk@aol.com.
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