A new report released by the Pew Research Center Sept. 10 has given us all more bad news. The study of the faith life of U.S. teens found that most teenagers who practice faith do so for their parents and quietly hold their own beliefs. Only 27% of teenagers surveyed who identified as Catholic said religion was very important to them, and only 45% said they believed in God with absolute certainty.

I must say, these numbers are alarming. With two small children, I regularly think about the future and question how to keep their lives centered on God as they become adults.

We should all take a breath, however. I’ve known many young people who’ve left the faith or just stopped going to Mass. Still, I’ve known just as many who grew much closer to God as they became adults. This is where the hard work of the Newman Centers and college missions comes into play. Not every teen will be brought back to the faith. But with the continued work of these charismatic young adult ministries, there is hope.

We must keep talking about God with our families and we must be witnesses to God’s work in our world. Have evidence God affected your life? Tell your kids.

We all may stumble in the faith. Teenagers are just the same. But I’ve seen firsthand how God can guide them back, even if it takes a few decades.