For the first time in 27 years, the magnificent ceremony of the consecration of a bishop will be performed in Portland, next Tuesday, October 28, when Rev. Edwin V. O'Hara, former pastor of the Cathedral here and St. Mary's church, Eugene, will be consecrated bishop of the diocese of Great Falls, Mont.

While Father O'Hara is not the first Oregon priest to be elevated to the bishopric, he will be the first to be consecrated in the new Cathedral. The last time the consecration ceremony was witnessed here was in 1903, when Rt. Rev. Charles J. O'Reilly was consecrated the first bishop of Baker City, Ore. in the old Cathedral. The only other priest of the archdiocese of Portland to be raised to the episcopal dignity is the Most Rev. Bertram Orth, former archbishop of Vancouver, B.C. and the only other Oregon priest to receive this honor is the Rt. Rev. Edward J. Kelly, bishop of Boise, Idaho.

— Oct. 23, 1930

Editor’s note: In 1930, the Sentinel surprisingly left out mention of Bishop Edward O’Dea, who was ordained for the Archdiocese of Oregon City in 1876 and served as head of the Diocese of Nesqually, later Seattle, 1896-1932. Since 1930, the only Archdiocese of Portland priests named bishops of a diocese were Bishop Francis Leipzig, installed in the Diocese of Baker in 1950, and Bishop Liam Cary, installed in the Diocese of Baker in 2012. Elden Curtiss, ordained for the Diocese of Baker in 1958, became bishop of Helena, Montana in 1976 and was the Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska 1993-2009.