At six weeks after conception, a baby’s neural tube begins to develop and its newly formed heart begins to beat. This isn’t according to me, it’s according to the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Locally, we can see the development of a baby in its mother’s womb at a natural sciences exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Women face tough choices. There’s poverty, rape, incest, career ambitions, bad relationships and medical emergencies that prompt women into having an abortion. Still, the general taking of a human life before it’s born makes no sense. That’s the case not just in religion but in science and even some laws, which charge defendants with the murder of an unborn child if they’ve killed a pregnant woman.

Lawmakers in Texas have taken advantage of the newly conservative leaning Supreme Court to pass a law allowing civil court cases against those involved in abortion after six weeks. It’s a novel approach to circumnavigate the traditional legal arguments against abortion bans. Will it work? Groups already are raising money to support those who might be sued for abortion-related activity. The Justice Department even announced a lawsuit against the Texas law.

But it will all come down to the Supreme Court. Remember, the court did not allow the Texas law to stay in place forever; it allowed it to take effect temporarily as the case goes through the legal system. There is no guarantee the Supreme Court will uphold the law when the case arrives there. Say, however, the law does stay in effect in Texas. How will that make a difference here in Oregon?. It won’t. The makeup of the state legislature and the political landscape here is so lopsided against pro-life beliefs that it’s impossible for such a provision to be born here.

So, to all pro-life advocates out there praying in front of abortion clinics, your work is sadly not done. We have little to no hope of legally ending abortion here in Oregon. The only path we have is to change hearts and minds.