As the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn or at least limit abortion rights, we Oregon Catholics should keep three things in mind.

First, let’s be gracious about this, not triumphant. Eliminating legal abortion is the right thing to do morally. Practically, it will create hardship for many of our fellow Americans, especially women. Granted, even their collective inconvenience is nowhere near a match for the life of even a single unborn child, but we ought to treat our interlocutors with compassion. Oregonians who support abortion rights have taken an evil position, but most are not evil people. They are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and neighbors. Many are people of intelligence and good will. Some will fight more stridently after the court decision, but let’s keep using love when we tell them the truth.

Second, let’s be fully pro-life. Executions, mass shootings and poverty claim the lives of many of God’s children. We Catholics have been glorious stalwarts on abortion and now have the capacity to lead the world on these other life issues, too. Let’s not be limited by our Republican or Democrat party lines. Our faith is ancient and eternal, far above puny politics.

Third, we’ll need to keep up the effort against Oregon’s radical abortion laws. A favorable Supreme Court decision won’t mean much on the ground here. If anything, there will be more abortions, and activists who favor abortion rights will harden their stance. The Oregon pro-life movement is up to the challenge but could use the support of a broader base of volunteers. Sarah Livingstone, new pro-life coordinator for the Archdiocese of Portland, is calling on Catholics to redouble their care for pregnant women.

Grace in victory. Broadening the pro-life stance. Supporting women as well as babies. This adds up to a powerful way to evangelize with the pro-life message.