You may never have heard of Eddie Osborn, but for decades the Catholic Sentinel got into your mailboxes because of him.

This dryly funny, sweet, plain dealing, big-bearded former hippie died Feb. 8 at age 72, having managed the graphic services department of Oregon Catholic Press for 34 years. He oversaw the crew that takes the words, photos and pages we journalists produce and turns them into something that looks stellar when run on presses in 25,000 copies. There is both art and science involved, and Eddie O was an artful scientist and a scientific artist.

Fans of Oregon Catholic history should utter a prayer of thanks for Eddie O. He gave preeminent help as we had all the Sentinels, going back to 1870, scanned digitally. Those frail pages now are available on our website for all to search and read, in large part because Eddie answered our call with his technical know-how. He knew that the archive project was a worthy legacy and he devoted hours to it.

For OCP workers, Eddie is also known as Coach, having led and pitched for the company softball team. Despite chronic diabetes, he offered time selflessly to the sport as a board member, photographer and eventually as president of the Portland Metro Softball Association.

Eddie O also gave staunch devotion to the Rolling Stones and made sure the band got air time at OCP Christmas parties. His dancing to “Jumping Jack Flash” was akin to a tsunami in its devastation on the dance floor.

Eddie and I were the two Eds of OCP and we often received each other’s phone calls and emails. I was the Ed who got the bylines, but to know Eddie O made it clear that the person behind the scenes often deserves the greater credit and lives the more colorful life and is probably favored by the good Lord.