Dear friends,

For our social media and website comment policy, we are indebted to the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, a beloved religious community of men based in Roy.

Go after ideas and actions, not people. For example, it’s OK to write, “I disagree with what Archbishop X said,” but not, “Archbishop X doesn’t care about children at the border.” It’s acceptable to declare, “I disagree with what President Y did,” but not all right to ask, “How dare President Y call himself a Catholic?”

Everyone, without exception, should be treated with dignity and respect. You may be the best Catholic in the world and the most moral person who ever lived, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat other people with contempt.

We will remove off-topic comments and assertions that are sarcastic, mean or false. Commenters can exchange views, but fiery personal debate does not belong on our pages.

Those who persist in bad behaviors on our website or social media pages will have banned themselves by their actions.

— Ed Langlois, managing editor