Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer
Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer
Benedictine Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer offered some advice recently that is eminently worth sharing.

Stop seeking out bad news. Read the Bible instead — and your Catholic Sentinel.

“Out of kindness for myself I refrain from watching the TV news,” she said, “because it fires up mistrust.”

Sister Dorothy believes there are more acts of kindness done every day than acts of violence — but kindness doesn’t sell and isn’t “click-bait” on social media.

“The world is a beautiful place,” Sister Dorothy reminds us.

She then urged the Sentinel staff to keep sharing stories of faith and kindness. “You bring hope and encouragement to Catholic readers,” she said. “You’re showing how love and justice can be made visible.”

She then shared a story the Sentinel missed. Mount Angel’s old Wilco building with its grain silo burst into flames at 1 a.m. Oct. 9. More than 120 firefighters from Mount Angel, Silverton, Woodburn, Marion County, Hubbard, Monitor, Stayton, and St. Paul fire departments; Mount Angel Police, Mount Angel Public Works, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and METCOM 911 sprayed more than a million gallons of water on the inferno — saving more than was lost. “As bad as this fire was, it could have been a lot worse,” wrote Chief Jim Trierweiler in a Facebook post.

Still, four businesses lost everything.

“There was an outpouring of goodness to help,” said Sister Dorothy. “We have to focus on the good. We’re going to be people of hope.”

Thank you, Sister Dorothy. And thank you to all our readers who alert us to stories of hope we should share. We’re in this together.