The Catholic Church, spiritual home to humans from across the spectrum, is in prime position to heal our deepening national rifts. Since about 10 seconds after Jesus started gathering followers, we have argued and kvetched. Who will sit at the right hand? Circumcised or not? Human or divine? Faith or works? Latin or vernacular?

We Catholics are expert bickerers.

But we of the church do listen to one another because we value human dignity explicitly. That’s what society needs to learn from us. When some are concerned over racial justice, we should listen, not launch a rampage about the weakness of wokeism. When others feel that long held family values are threatened by modern trends, we should pay heed, not deem our interlocuters Neanderthals. People on both sides have some of the truth. Yet the bigger truth here is that we should listen, not immediately cast others as despicable enemies just because they have different political or social views.

Listen? Yes. Argue? Inevitably. Dehumanize? Never.

If nothing else, we Catholics show the world that it’s possible to quarrel and grumble while remaining one family. That word — family — should be our first clue. What family always gets along unless the harmony is fake?

Fights happen among people who love each other. In fact, families tiff because families love one another. Without love, no one cares enough to squabble. Ask our friends at Marriage Encounter, one of the greatest Catholic inventions ever.

So, Catholics, let’s help the world learn the art of how to argue and stay together.