Portland City Council on Sept. 15 again proved that Oregon politicians, when it comes to abortion, are woefully out of touch with regular people, science and common sense.

The council allocated $200,000 of taxpayer funds for local pro-abortion groups as a response to Texas legislation that allows the public to sue abortionists who work on women after six weeks into pregnancy. It comes as no surprise that groups like Planned Parenthood and the Northwest Abortion Access Fund hatched the plan, which really does not impact Texas, but certainly helps the accounts of those who proposed it.

Mayor Ted Wheeler had originally designed a boycott of Texas but was talked out of it by local pro-choice zealots. At least Wheeler’s idea, albeit wrong-minded grandstanding, would have hit the intended target.

Even in Oregon, most people don’t favor the extremely permissive abortion laws crafted by the state’s politicians and abortion-rights activists. In a 2018 survey by Oregon Right to Life, 70% of Oregonians opposed late-term abortion, including 36% of Democrats.

Because of crafty political organizing by abortion rights groups, this sentiment does not make much difference at the polls — yet.

Opposition to ending life in the womb has risen among the young nationwide. Science has shown that unique DNA is in place pretty much at conception. At the same time, better ultrasound images reveal that what the abortion-rights crowd insisted was a lump of cells really is a human being well along.

Still, the city council takes $200,000 from all Portlanders to bolster the local abortion industry, which already benefits from state and federal reimbursements. Each year, Oregon taxpayers shell out about $2 million for abortions provided via Medicaid.

All the money could do something good instead, like supporting adoption programs or building up pregnancy centers that support women and children via science, compassion and good sense.