The fruits of social intercourse among Catholics, composed of heterogeneous elements and naturally tending to clannishness, are both great and precious, not only to themselves and their progenies, but more particularly to the Church, before which we are, as we should be, all equal.

The excursion and picnic, held last Tuesday by the Catholic Library and Christian Doctrine Society, for the Sunday School children of the parish, was the first occasion of reunion among our people, and we earnestly hope that everyone attending the festival will see the immense good that can be accomplished by such means, and will not let it be the last one. We were indeed overjoyed to see how all seemed to enter into the enjoyments of the day, and that the little stiffness observable in the morning was entirely obliterated before an hour passed away.

— June 4, 1870

Through the 1870s, the Catholic Library and Christian Doctrine Society organized annual boat excursions from downtown Portland to a grove on the Clackamas River for Catholic picnics. Cost for adults was $1, children 50 cents.