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  • Avoid table tennis with him
    You at St. Rita Parish in Northeast Portland are truly blessed to have Father Tetzel Umingli as your spiritual leader.
  • Charitable souls
    I remember them fondly as decent, well-meaning and charitable souls who gave their very best to all in need.
  • Let us listen. Let us act.
  • Devoted servants
    They loved their Catholic faith and were devoted servants of Christ.
  • Heavy heart
    The writer promised she would care for the caregivers, but then converted her article into a hit piece against all who have declined to receive that vaccine.
  • Boxing is safe
    Athletes understand the risks of potential injury and mutually consent to participate.
  • Synod for all
    As a member of the Catholic Church in Oregon I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue.
  • How can you?
    How do your reconcile your positions when our Holy Father calls abortion murder?
  • Make a memorial
    My suggestion for the equipment mistakenly collected from the now closed abortion clinic is this: Melt down the metal and make a statue of the Holy Innocents, a term that includes the unborn.
  • Wish it were local
    I was so happy to see this headline but then so disappointed to see it was about Africa.
  • November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. As a Catholic who has been an epileptic since age 8, I live with both the positives and negatives.
  • We want to share
    Inmates at Oregon State Penitentiary, in collaboration with Department of Corrections food service coordinators, have been working on an initiative to donate the prison’s leftover food.
  • Fix problems in home countries
    Catholic Charities and other church organizations are providing help for immigrants on our southern border. We should be helping people who are in such dire need. But the immigration issue is complex.
  • Address gun violence
    It just needs to stop. What I am referring to is the ongoing pandemic — not of COVID-19 — but of gun violence.
  • Debt immoral
    The more important question is, “Why can’t we control our spending?”
  • Quest for Spirit continues
    The pitch and charism of the Second Vatican Council focuses on renewal of commitment to sacred Scriptures, liturgy, separated believers as well as religious life.
  • Parishioners, too
    One nuance about the parish leadership teams that I think is important to point out is that in smaller parishes such as St. Wenceslaus, those teams are likely to include parishioners beyond the parish staff.
  • Tears when reading Portland’s Catholic news are rarely healing these days (even if they are common), but they flowed in a river of relief and gratitude for your recent piece urging people to lay off implying that Catholics with single or no children are not faithful Catholics.
  • The Catholic faith, rich in tradition and with a deep understanding of human frailty, offers a touchstone of sanity during this confusing era.
  • Bad disparity
    Thank you for the great reporting, but the disparity really bothered me.
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