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  • Ancestors read it
    It is fascinating to read about the history of a publication which, I’m certain, was read by most or all my great-grandparents.
  • After Medjugorge visit, I came away convinced
    She truly is a mother who is concerned about each of her children (us). I can’t say that I experienced anything miraculous during that visit, but I came away convinced that it’s legitimate.
    This postcard was mailed to my then 14-year-old Uncle Marius in Holland from a fellow stamp collector living in Germany.
  • Report on life

    I attended a summer conference at George Fox University and picked up a copy of your paper.

  • Deepest desire
    To be a priest now is to carry a cross, and Father David Schiferl at St. Alexander has carried his well during the quarter century I’ve known him.
  • Unite on life
    In this time of cultural division, let us, as Catholics in western Oregon, unite for life with the archbishop, the president and the church.
  • Extreme what?
    When I called the office of a Eugene parish to request extreme unction for my husband, John, the secretary didn’t know what I was talking about. Greatly surprised, I blurted: “You must be very young!” Then, I thought to say, “Anointing of the sick. I think my husband should have this.”
  • Thanks for this
    May our stewardship be evident in lives moving from the personal to the political/social, from prayer to proclamation, and from fear to anticipation.
  • Good work

    Thank you for keeping the editorials and letters. I think it’s important to see others’ opinions. It doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. But how else are we supposed to know if God is using them to speak to us? Keep up the good work.

  • Support migrants
    At February’s cathedral gathering we committed to pray and take action — writing letters, talking in our parishes, and using the #ShareJourney hashtag from Catholic News Service.
  • Amazed, grateful
    I am still amazed and grateful about how much I contributed over 30 years, making so many issues of the Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela come alive with spectacular images.
  • They’re here
    Young men packed St. Stephen Church to kneel side by side at the Rorate Mass, line up for confession, and be challenged by the speakers at the recent men’s conference.
  • Remembrances
    Before the final blessing, after Mass has been said, it is appropriate and appreciated and comforting to hear a family member or friend speak of the deceased.
  • Aid from saints

    I no sooner asked than I heard a brand new lamb bleat — all was well. That was my first experience, but was by no means my last. I am a firm believer in the communion of saints.

  • Proud of her
    But I learned that Amber had risen beautifully to the challenge. “Well,” she responded, “you’re white from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That’s the color you are. My color is black and I’m pretty sure I have a good heart.”
  • Church owned it
    Before modern progressivism, classical education was the only model of learning. And thanks to St. Augustine, the Catholic Church owned it.
  • See 'Laudato Si'"

    We discussed the importance of Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudato Si’,” which was published in June of 2015. Over the last four years, we have attended educational sessions on this encyclical. But we seldom hear about the seriousness of the climate crisis from the pulpit.

  • Uses of terms like “gay” and “orientation” buy into the acceptance of cultural and political norms.

  • Hole in the dome
    She explained that she attends Christmas Mass in that church, and when it rains one just has to step away from the middle of the church.
  • Dome debate
    The architectural style of St. Patrick Church is an “American” interpretation of “Italian Renaissance Revival.” 
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