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  • Support parents
    “Un-uh! Cuz if they did that, the baby would die!”
  • Offset peril
    Maybe our “pay it forward” energies of prayer, kind thoughts and words, and collaborative actions toward each other could offset the destructive violence predicted to take place in our cities.
  • Superb paper
    Your paper has just been superb in the last six months or so.
  • I have noticed recently what appears to be a leaning left.
  • I am calling upon fellow believers in our Lord, including the Archdiocese of Portland Pastoral Center and the Catholic Sentinel, to plan a series of events that can prove people who have mental health issues are no different from those who don’t.
  • I’m concerned with the current obsession of race by our political and media class and worry our church may become embroiled in racial conflict. We should not be persuaded by the antics and rhetoric of “Black Lives Matter.”
  • Powerful state government is restricting our religious freedom.
  • Save lives
    We need to work for an end to abortion and we need to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Nice intentions
    While I believe that the local church’s intent was to do good, the overall goal of trying to maintain drug prohibition is not moral and is not in keeping with Christ’s teaching.
  • Thank you, bishops, for the wise guidance on voting
    A Catholic is greatly concerned with these and other issues, like the environment and education, but only one “issue” is responsible for 800,000 deaths yearly in the U.S.
  • What a couple
    The special coverage of Tom and Norma Mack is an affirmation of life.
  • Ask about it
    If a facility offers Catholic services, it does not necessarily mean that they follow Catholic teaching regarding decline and end of life care with feeding and hydration assistance.
  • Spiritual work
    How marvelous it was that so many, approximately 65 persons, joined in honoring Our Lady of Fatima and asking her intercession for souls. It was a real spiritual work of mercy.
  • Go by the book
    By ignoring the Constitution, the faculty group set a poor example for their students; the faculty were neither brilliant nor open-minded.
  • No reasonable person could attach the term “racist” to these encounters.
  • Silent treachery
    If our church had spoken out and condemned pro-abortion candidates, some damage may have been done to our churches, but it would gain national attention.
  • Demand rights
    Thank you for the pictures of ruined, burned down houses, and for the words of the prayerful, resigned owners. Their faith is inspiring — I wonder if I could be that accepting of such a loss.
  • One, not two
    The biggest potential problem we had was the danger of becoming two parishes in one building, divided among Spanish- and English-speakers. We felt nobody wanted that.
  • I think we are just around the corner from seeing people being able to choose if they want to live or not. I feel this culture of death is alarming. 
  • Love habits
    Religious sisters wearing their habits are a beautiful example for all of us.
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