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  • It is unfortunate that some church leaders are ignoring Pope Francis’s admonition to the Catholic clergy to avoid actions that might be construed as politically weaponizing church sacraments, especially Holy Communion.
  • Oregon does not require prospective gun purchasers to obtain a license prior to buying a gun.
  • Lift Every Voice Oregon is sponsoring a petition campaign to place a referendum on the November ballot which will enact effective laws to reduce gun violence in Oregon.
  • Limit gun access
    How are Christians to respond to repeated massacres of our citizens? St. John Paul II correctly talked about our culture of death of which guns are one facet. Jesus gave us his opinion about individuals taking up weapons — don’t.
  • That letter to the editor reflects an individualistic, libertarian approach, common in our contemporary culture and antithetical to the Catholic tradition.
  • Hopes for action
    The ongoing synodal process in our archdiocese and the “observe, judge, act” framework Pope Francis recommends as part of this process provide a great opportunity for such discussion and potential action as we listen to each other and walk together.
  • The suggestions are heretical, plain and simple
  • I'm interested to know what is in place or planned to foster greater involvement in the synod process throughout the archdiocese
  • Who is on this committee and who decided this statement is representative of the opinions of all Oregon Catholics?
  • It’s time we bring our doctrine into the 21st Century in light of the sciences available.
  • Ancient's prayer
    I raise my voice once more, attentive to the responsive plea, until finally in embrace, our reunion becomes not the memory of, but rather the answer to the ancient prayer.
  • Not responsible
    I hope that Mr. Langlois will forgive me if I do not hold myself responsible for the sins of my ancestors, whatever they may have been.
  • Unlawful purge
    I am not calling for the use of violence, but will someone please explain why nothing has been done to take down Vladimir Putin?
  • Committee formed
    The Oregon Synod Committee was formed to respond to the invitation from Pope Francis for all to participate in the ongoing 2021-23 synod. It includes members from across the Archdiocese of Portland.
  • Remembering Larry
    He was winning pitcher in the famous 1951 National League pennant tie-breaker game ending with “the shot heard round the world.”
  • Conjugal union between a man and woman may be private, but individual it is not.
  • Good as bread
    I found it especially uplifting to learn about his heroes and role models.
  • We can do better
    Perhaps the best thing about the synod meetings held in parishes around the world was the exchange of ideas and discovery of the conflicting ideas within our community.
  • The face of war
    Mostly thank you for helping me visualize the reality of this war.
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