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  • What a series
    We have been giving interviews since our inception 10 years ago. I can say without reservation that this series is the best. It is engaging, informative, comprehensive, and far-reaching with its array of experts.

  • A real problem
    Has the editor assumed the role of a modern-day Winston Smith, protagonist in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, stuffing inconvenient facts down the notorious “memory hole” while mindlessly repeating the “new truths?”
  • Humble Sentinel
    On the lower half of the last page of the June 18 print edition of Catholic Sentinel is the headline announcing the paper is named diocesan newspaper of the year in the USA and Canada.
  • Thank the unborn
    Thanks for revealing that the fetal cell connection to the COVID-19 vaccine is not a myth by noting that cell lines from 1970s and ’80s were used in testing.
  • Viewpoint columns in the June 4 Sentinel seem to suffer from what has been termed, “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”
  • How can we reconnect in community and re-humanize our society?
  • We are all wounded by racism
    My love of the United States and the church has not been diminished. That love moves me to the belief that we are all wounded by racism and that our health as a nation and a church requires that we face our history and recognize how it impacts all of us.
  • Eucharist meant to nourish
    Let us not forget that the Eucharist is meant to nourish those who are weary and hungry along the way. A church of the pure and perfect is a room with no place for anyone.
  • When to leave Mass?
    The choir then began singing and the priest and the congregation departed while the music was in progress.
  • We should take into consideration the fact that those who suffer from mental health issues are not necessarily evil or a threat.
  • Young Joseph?
    Do more recent pictures of St. Joseph show him as a young man? I
  • Let us pray for these holy men and women that they do not give up hope in the weeks and months to come of being fully welcomed into the Catholic Church.
  • Protect right to unionize
    It’s time to pass the PRO Act. It would institute civil penalties against employers who illegally fire or retaliate against workers who attempt to form a union.
  • Appreciate the sensitivity
    I appreciated your short reflection on cleaning up trash in various places in Portland.
  • They are faithful to Rome
    The article did not make clear that the Eastern-rite churches (such as the Byzantine, Maronite, etc.) he refers to are not “Orthodox” but rather are in full communion with the bishop of Rome.
  • Wrong Faustina
    The litany presented is not from St. Faustina of Divine Mercy, whose picture is shown, but is written by Sister Faustina Maria Pia of the Sisters of Life.
  • Platonists wrong
    Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron just doesn't get it. Our primary concern should not be hypothetical future consequences but rather with the actual oppression and injustice in our society under those who elevate the rights of individuals over all else
  • Totalitarian USA
    If we do not reverse this threat, we, predictably, will experience the piling up of corpses and the Catholic Church will not be spared.
  • Renewed hope
    Thank you for the uplifting 7 May 2021 issue of the Catholic Sentinel! After so much divisiveness, grumbling and negativity around us, the positive and inspirational articles throughout this issue lifted my spirit.
  • Nix corruption
    As a pro-life Catholic, I’m deeply concerned that people in, or affiliated with, pro-life organizations want to keep unaccounted-for dark money in politics; this being revealed by a recently-made-public phone conversation between prominent conservative groups and a policy adviser to the Senate minority leader.
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