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  • They’re here
    Young men packed St. Stephen Church to kneel side by side at the Rorate Mass, line up for confession, and be challenged by the speakers at the recent men’s conference.
  • Remembrances
    Before the final blessing, after Mass has been said, it is appropriate and appreciated and comforting to hear a family member or friend speak of the deceased.
  • Aid from saints

    I no sooner asked than I heard a brand new lamb bleat — all was well. That was my first experience, but was by no means my last. I am a firm believer in the communion of saints.

  • Proud of her
    But I learned that Amber had risen beautifully to the challenge. “Well,” she responded, “you’re white from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That’s the color you are. My color is black and I’m pretty sure I have a good heart.”
  • Church owned it
    Before modern progressivism, classical education was the only model of learning. And thanks to St. Augustine, the Catholic Church owned it.
  • See 'Laudato Si'"

    We discussed the importance of Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudato Si’,” which was published in June of 2015. Over the last four years, we have attended educational sessions on this encyclical. But we seldom hear about the seriousness of the climate crisis from the pulpit.

  • Uses of terms like “gay” and “orientation” buy into the acceptance of cultural and political norms.

  • Hole in the dome
    She explained that she attends Christmas Mass in that church, and when it rains one just has to step away from the middle of the church.
  • Dome debate
    The architectural style of St. Patrick Church is an “American” interpretation of “Italian Renaissance Revival.” 
  • Sheen deserves sainthood

    Archbishop Sheen’s program was more popular than Milton Berle’s. Sheen used the Bible and appealed to Protestants and Catholics alike. 

  • Avoid bias
    People believe different things about the morals of Attorney General William Barr and President Trump. Please remember we should always respect the office of the president and pray for our officials.
  • Historical?
    Archbishop Zumárraga never claimed the miraculous vision had occurred, the popular story notwithstanding.
  • Good approach
    Just shelter does not resolve the problem; the multifaceted approach with shelter does.
  • We love Mass
    When the priest is there it means so much to the parish. 
  • Love from beyond
    My deceased husband does similar little things for me also. Experiencing the communion of saints is wonderful.
  • Act on encyclical
    We have heard very little from the clergy about Pope Francis’ teaching in “Laudato Si’” and the moral mandate to act in defense of all vulnerable life on Earth now and in the future.
  • Keen on Kennard

    On another occasion, when a certain program was very popular in the church, I asked him what he thought about it. He stated: “There is no quick fix to growth in God. What we have to do is to die a little more to ourselves each day.”

  • Thanks for effort
    Thanks to you and your staff and the Archdiocese of Portland for your efforts to promote the Retirement Fund for Religious collection. 
  • Kennard’s advice
    The Sentinel editor continues, “Father Kennard continually chided the Marxists ...”
  • A contradiction
    The letter writer who defends Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and Catholics for Choice against Richard Doerflinger’s castigating them for their response to a United Nations declaration regarding the family then goes on to commend these organizations for their opposition to the ill treatment of families on our southern border.
  • Tricky topic

    Thank you for Religion Gone Wrong, the series on spiritual abuse (Sept. 20, Oct. 4, Oct. 18, Nov. 1). It can often be a topic tricky to navigate, but I felt your approach really gave it justice and provided coverage on a topic not often talked about.

  • Morals overboard!
     It is disturbing that Barr, a Catholic, promotes moral discipline while he is part of a political administration that has tossed moral values overboard.
  • Mass missed
    I was disappointed that the spiritual part of the ministry was not mentioned. The heart of this ministry at St. Peter is the celebration of the holy Eucharist at 11:30 a.m. Our seniors look forward to the celebration of the Mass before the social takes place.
  • On Red Beach
    The name has nothing to do with the loss of French soldiers.
  • From the Archives
    "Working together, we enter more deeply into the mystery of our God."
  • Teach ‘Laudato Si’’
    I am concerned that Pope Francis’s encyclical, “Laudato Si’,” is missing from the pulpit. 
  • Totally sincere

    We ought not finding fault with and discourage young climate activists without contributing any solution to the issues they address.

  • Care for families
    These organizations are united in opposition to our own government’s inhumane separation policy that has torn children from their parents, placed them in detention camps, and failed to keep adequate records that would facilitate reuniting them with their families.
  • Good columnist

    He clearly understands the timeless value of our Declaration of Independence and our Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  • Think safety
    The facts of this incident clearly illustrate the need for every parish to develop protocols for dealing with a host of safety, security and medical issues that are occurring far too frequently in today’s society.
  • Great pictures
    The Padre Pio Mass at The Grotto was wonderful. 
  • Unchristian story

    I cannot for the life of me understand why a minor incident involving a mentally ill man was splashed on the front page of the Catholic Sentinel.

  • Human activity

    The World Health Organization estimates 7 million worldwide premature deaths last year due to air pollution. The organization also estimates there were more than 150,000 deaths on the planet in 2017 directly from global warming alone. 

  • Feeling a part
    I think feeling that you are part of the parish is important. The article about why people leave the church addressed the problem of not addressing parishioners’ needs.
  • Harms the church
    Clearly, this type of liberal thought harms the Catholic Church and it should be admonished.
  • Values unite us
    Our common values like caring for “the least of these” should unify Americans on the issue of climate change. 
  • When will we?
    The latest amazing technologies strongly suggest global warming is the result of humans. If we don’t believe the sky is falling now, when will we believe it? We must act while it is falling, not after it has fallen.
  • I laminated it
    I am absolutely delighted at the wonderful section on 150 years of St. Vincent de Paul. It was just perfect. 
  • What an issue
     It’s the best newspaper I’ve read in a long, long time. I read for hours. 
  • Receiving Jesus
    Maybe the question in the poll should have been, “Do you believe you are receiving Jesus?"
  • Strong miracles

    If you continue to doubt after reading even one of these books, God help you! These are the strongest and most earth shattering miracles ever known.

  • Study before vote
    As election season continues into full swing, we need to read and think about the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ admonitions in their publication, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” listing the Christian values and personal characteristics candidates should possess. 
  • How we dress
    Just exactly what is proper attire in the eyes of God? Unless one wears something very distracting and revealing, as far as I am concerned, this is the least that God will concern himself with when one attends Mass.
  • No false witness
    Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si’” was not intended to scare children to death.
  • Open up wonder
    It is unconscionable that having failed to scientifically prove man-made global warming, the activists, the media (including the Sentinel), and the teachers (including Catholic school teachers) have turned to terrifying our children with this “the sky is falling” notion.   
  • Cardinal Levada had vision
    He demonstrated vision and understanding in allowing us to establish a new model of a Catholic school.
  • It depends
    I look at the letters to learn what other readers care about. 
  • Let them think
    I encouraged my students to think, to practice faith early and to find their own voice within it. I taught out of the U.S. bishops’ catechism and mixed it with various media, religious order visits, and field trips and had guest speakers and teachers from various aspects of the faith, church and archdiocese.
  • Pay attention

    Having already raised eight children, it took constant vigilance, wit, discussion, perseverance and prayer to get through. Mind, this was in the ’60s and ’70s — look at what parents have to contend with today.

  • Help our unbelief
    Our Lord promised he would be with us until the end of time. He truly is — in the Eucharist.
  • Get truth out
    In this era of failure to get to the truth and sort it out so that Catholics will once again be able to rely on the teachings of their priests and bishops, I am reflecting on politicians and public leaders who claim to be Catholic but consistently support abortion and continue to receive holy Communion.
  • Promote mercy
    This diary of St. Faustina is full of many wonderful promises and blessings and graces our Lord is waiting to bestow on us if only we ask. This devotion is so powerful many sinners have been converted, those who have left the church have come back.
  • Slow to anger

    In my opinion, have we lost trust in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who may just be as frustrated as we are and who wants the violence to stop.

  • Proper attire
    There appears to exist a casual attitude toward being appropriately dressed to attend Mass. 
  • Tough final years
     I was ashamed to be in classes when paper wads were thrown at nuns as they tried to teach. Father Lester the disciplinarian had his hands full trying to keep rowdy students in line.
  • From the Archives
    Here's a reminder of youth workers from days past. 
  • Responsibility
    In a time of nearly full employment in the U.S., the vast majority of citizens are personally responsible for saving $400 for emergencies.
  • Give, don’t take
    Notice Jesus did not tell the young man to go and sell his neighbors’ goods and give the money to the poor.
  • Mom taught me
     Mom and I bonded on any and all aspects of the subject. She had established her authority, but more importantly I possessed knowledge of God’s gift to me. 
  • Absolute miracle
    Every time I attend Mass, daily, I consider that this absolute miracle takes place all over the world at every Mass celebrated on that day.
  •  I was extremely shocked, offended, and amazed that the editor would choose to use not one, but two suggestive drawings.
  • Sign remains
    One indication of our esteem for Father Gary is the tribute which hangs in our volunteer closet: “We Love you Father Gary.” 
  • One plan
    God created the environment and gave stewardship to us as followers, not for its destruction.
  • It motivated me

    I just read Katie Scott’s excellent story on Father Gary Smith in the Catholic Sentinel. Thank you for the wonderful storytelling.

  • Excellent piece
     I was inspired and grateful for the ministry and generosity that Father Smith has given to so many of God’s folk and continues to give.
  • Coming apart?

    I think if only Luther could have hung around for 500 years, he would be watching the church he opposed so strongly coming apart from within.

  • More participation
    You hit a grand slam by saying that, for Catholics, the “pinnacle” of doing this is by receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Creative welcome
    We should be just as creative as Our Lord.
  • Which Catholics?
    We should remember there are many people who, when asked, claim to be Catholic even if they are not practicing.
  • Marriage values
    I guess that was back in the day when people were shocked. Our current president has not been true to any of his three wives, it appears.
  • Senators or nuns?

    In the past 12 months, we witnessed the actions of our U.S. senators and representatives in the Kavanaugh and Russia hearings. So, who is preferable to exercise more control over our health care: Congress or the Sisters of Providence?

  • Erosion of faith
    Claiming that a person’s personal life and policy perspectives are influenced by the Catholic faith is disingenuous when she actively advocates for and supports policies and legislation that is intrinsically evil and opposed to basic Catholic doctrine and teaching. 
  • Young people? Their parents do not know the faith

    Those who were taught like me, 16 years of Catholic education under my belt, were weakly and many times incorrectly taught something other than the long held truths of the church. 

  • Give us more
    Far too many of your readers do not comprehend the growing number of groups constantly trying to use the church as ammunition to manipulate Catholic voters.
  • Red, white, blue
    Through this our nation’s consecration, Mary’s blue light leads us to our Lord Jesus with the red and white of his Divine Mercy.  
  • Why are they not worthy of the same concern as throngs of people flooding the border?

  • To him, the procession was “an abomination” given the pain he and his brother have suffered and what he sees as a failure to make adequate reparations.

  • Wake up soon
    How many people are being deluded into accepting our current society’s view regarding Christ’s teachings or Scripture? They go to the polls and vote individuals into office who ignore or are ignorant of Christ’s teachings. 
  • I don’t get it
    How can attending a Latin Mass with “smells and bells” somehow enable Mass attendees to come to a “mature, balanced position where self-determination and the demands of law can be harmonized”?
  • To know Jesus
    Jesus wants us to know him personally. To do that we must spend time reading and praying from the Bible every day. 
  • It was a toothbrush

    The instrument of discipline for the Saturday “invitation” I received to clean the Christ the King Parish parking lot was not a broom, but a toothbrush . . .  My last visit with Father Weber was at Laurelhurst Village where the would-be wily sleuth was in hospice care. I thanked him for his post-disciplinarian life of pastoral care for many folks, including my sister.

  • American idea
    Oregon’s governor and majority legislators have embarrassed our state by wholesale support of abortion for any reason, at any time, with the killing paid for by Oregon taxpayers.
  • Was he Catholic?
    I am confused. The second paragraph says Lane County tape recorded the “sacramental confession of triple murder suspect Conan Wayne Hale. The fourth paragraph says, “Hale is now on death row — and  has become Catholic.” 
  • A sweet sound
    If we can’t make room or have patience for loud children during Mass, we will perpetuate the shame and disappointment these parents feel and that sometimes push them away from the church.
  • Catholics’ special role in leadership
    Throughout history, Catholics have always been at the forefront of major change because we hold the revealed truth of God’s word as eternal and unchanging.
  • I pray for her
    I find it distressing that in the article "A Capitol Faith", the Catholic Sentinel chose to highlight Rep Jennifer Williamson as an example of "Catholics whose faith influences both their personal lives and their policy perspectives". 
  • Pragmatic pass
    These Church leaders took a pragmatic pass while the faithful spoke out for justice.  If the abortion industry is ever to be curtailed and the pre-born are ever to have a legally recognized right to life, it will be because people of conscience demand it.
  • I object
    That is obstruction of justice.
  • Why laud her?
    Why should a Catholic publication laud a legislator who has dramatically distanced herself publicly from perennial Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life?
  • No buts about it
    The Sentinel gave Rep. Jennifer Williamson and Rep. Mike Nearman undo publicity.
  • Get it together
    Congratulations on an article worthy of the Pulitzer. Through the story of Nichole and the concern and involvement of her parents, the truth about sex trafficking in Oregon is exposed. 
  • Bad for kids

    Beaverton’s school district has adopted Oregon’s K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education program. The 3Rs curriculum normalizes porn, discriminates against religion (especially Catholics), and encourages sexual relationships among the young.

  • Important film
    Since our government funds Planned Parenthood, every government official should be required to see this film. If they continue to fund the organization, that will show they agree with the lies, falsehood, harm, suffering and pain women are plagued with. 
  • WATCH: Call for film
    From July until October 1961, more than 200 times Our Lady is reported to have appeared to four girls in Garabandal, Spain, with a message she wanted to spread throughout the world. It was a message of love and warning.
  • Halt propaganda
    Anti-evangelization is still roaring out its propaganda and is still making many converts, especially among our young people. Local examples are not lacking.
  • Joseph a model

    I find it curious Joseph is a silent figure in the Gospels. But I think the answer comes from that old adage, “actions speak louder than words.”

  • It’s time
     It is now time for Congress to fulfill its responsibilities to protect our democracy, the system of checks and balances in our Constitution, and the rule of law and proceed with impeachment. 
  • Compelling story
    It is definitely one of the better stories I have seen written about this disturbing and tragic issue.
  • Like father, like son
    Cut to 1997, 33 years later. “Come look,” said our son Tim, 40 years old.