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  • Proof in actions
    I am embarrassed that a man who is doing these things is our president and claims to be a devout and practicing Catholic.
  • Pride? No. We feel ashamed.
  • They voted for their party and against their Catholic faith.
  • How disappointing to get an editorial worrying more about the death penalty for criminals than the million innocent lives lost to abortion every year.
  • Many of these letters protest too much. They come across as promoting an ideology rather than searching for truth, as seeking salvation in a political party rather than in the paschal mystery.
  • Put in a binder?
    Should the catechism perhaps be published in a three-ring binder so that Catholics can more easily replace the church’s teachings as it becomes convenient?
  • God takes care
    The news has continued to report the rise of teen suicides associated with the pandemic. This is related to lack of social interaction.
  • Pray, understand
    Trust in being able to understand the will of God for the role of government since the Lord has written the truth in our hearts.
  • Cathedral stations
    Msgr. Gerard O’Connor is leading the Stations of the Cross each Friday of Lent at 7 p.m. at St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It is available online at maryscathedral.com.
  • Being a faithful Catholic in whom the dogma runs deep but the Spirit runs even deeper, I’m troubled by singular focus on abortion as the litmus test of what makes a good Christian.
  • Reenergized
    I loved the review and feel reenergized in my efforts to work on our “common home.”
  • Wisdom & errors
    Catholics should consider supporting the most vulnerable, those who have absolutely no rights, the unborn.
  • Great article
    I was a steering committee member and much appreciate the fine job you did.
  • While neither party is perfect, anyone who is pro-life needs to vote for the pro-life party.
  • Our Catholic faith tells us that innocent babies are above the guilty action of persons.

  • The editorial is outrageously partisan by suggesting the two major political parties share morally equivalent pro-life positions on issues.
  • Key document
    Thank you for your excellent article on the Columbia River Pastoral Letter. You have offered such a clear and inspiring account of how the pastoral came about, who was responsible, and how it continues to be a tool for reflection and action to this day.
  • There is help
    So much help already exists for these expectant parents.
  • Several policies are contrary to church teaching. We are not compelled to unite with these leaders any more than Jesus united with the money changers at the temple in Jerusalem.
  • That leaves the editorial as nothing more than a lame excuse to justify voting for Biden and or other Democrats.
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