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  • Life is simple. God is love.
  • Halt executions
    I am aghast that the federal government has recently re-initiated the death penalty, executing several people.
  • Mary loves babies
    Will Mary and Jesus support those who support killing babies?
  • We are disturbed by the lack of political and spiritual leadership on climate change, racism and COVID-19, which threatens the well-being of our country.

  • Don't omit God
    Rights granted under the culture of death cannot be substituted for rights guaranteed by God under the culture of life.
  • Standing by values sometimes causes rifts
    Never compromise the word of Christ.
  • Don't sell us short
    What we have here are many fine examples of everything from the Roman basilica to the Gothic to modern to the simple brick and mortar.
  • Thank you for your positive message.
  • Just like CNN
    How amazing to discover that the Catholic Sentinel has virtually the same style book and editorial approach to Black Lives Matter as does CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post. Like them, you speak of “mostly peaceful protests.”

  • Of greater impact on our communities are these factors: unwed teen pregnancy, irresponsible and absent fathers, dropping out of school, abortion, gang activity and drug abuse
  • I wish that there had been similar advice during the extraordinary problem with air quality.
  • Court decision could impact local case
    If Providence is a religious organization and Kreft’s position was ministerial, as she described, she cannot bring a civil rights employment discrimination claim — an outcome the bishops supported.
  • How will we respond?
    How may a Catholic hospital succeed in requiring medical practice in flagrant violations of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services promulgated by the U.S. Catholic bishops?
  • Thanks for tackling racism
    Thank you Katie Scott for your articles on racism and resilience.
  • History matters
    Poland was never Russian and it’s extremely offensive to all Polish people to see it written this way.
  • Great series
    I thank and commend the Catholic Sentinel for the recent and remarkable two-part series on the history of Black parishioners in our archdiocese and the racism and evil these Catholic brothers and sisters have experienced.
  • Medical principle
    It was with deep disappointment that I read of the unwillingness of Providence Health and Services to extend accommodation to Megan Kreft as she was attempting to perform her duties as a physician assistant in line with Catholic understanding of medical care that respects the human person.
  • Let’s work together to end this division.
  • Support police
    I found very little sympathy from them toward the 33 law enforcement officials who have been injured protecting people and property in Portland.
  • Wake-up call
    Many Catholics I know are concerned about racism and are studying the problem and taking action.
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