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  • Medical principle
    It was with deep disappointment that I read of the unwillingness of Providence Health and Services to extend accommodation to Megan Kreft as she was attempting to perform her duties as a physician assistant in line with Catholic understanding of medical care that respects the human person.
  • Let’s work together to end this division.
  • Support police
    I found very little sympathy from them toward the 33 law enforcement officials who have been injured protecting people and property in Portland.
  • Wake-up call
    Many Catholics I know are concerned about racism and are studying the problem and taking action.
  • Appreciative
    I wonder what Pietro Belluschi would think?
  • Humble man
    Father Tom gave his all and was such a humble man.

  • Good balance
    I want to say how surprised and pleased I was to see equal coverage given to the women religious and the men of the clergy.
  • Out of character
    The Sentinel has no space for articles of this nature.
  • Inspiring paper
    I particularly appreciated that your coverage of those celebrating jubilees included the members of religious communities as well as archdiocesan clergy.
  • Glad I found you
    Very well put together and very spiritually enlightening.
  • Should I have?
    People who continued walking by acted like he wasn’t there or as if he were a threat to society.
  • Why worry?
    "Adult” children understand the system perfectly.
  • Catholic medicine
    I think the article will be a great boost to our collective efforts to establish a fully Catholic clinic here in Oregon.

  • Fine examples
    The finest example of Catholic church architecture in the archdiocese is our own St. Mary’s Cathedral.
  • A special school
    But we who were the students still remember the era of emerging Elvis Presley, cars with long rear fenders, uniform skirts below the knees (measured by our teachers), crewcuts, and bobbed haircuts.
  • For the Kingdom
    Now is the time for us to take an active role in ending systems that hinder the building of God’s Kingdom.
  • Teaching enacted
    Catholic Charities’ decision to advocate in support of this measure was a laudable example of the church’s social teaching in action. It is exactly what subsidiarity demands.
  • He makes sense
    We need more Catholics to use responsible common sense in this chaotic time.
  • Equality prevails
    The view that will prevail is God’s will expressed in the Gospel narrative about man created in God’s image.
  • Remember that we are in God’s hands
    We render service to God by being steadfast in obeying the Ten Commandments and applying in our acts the virtues of faith, hope and charity. We learn and practice temperance, justice and fortitude.
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