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  • Renewing the priesthood
    Priests have been chosen by the Lord to share in Jesus’ Priesthood in a deeper way.

  • Holy of Holies - Ez 44:13
    First of all, God is Holy of Holies.  Secondly there is the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament.  God Himself was the architect who gave Moses the blueprint in every exact detail. “See that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.”  Ex 25:40; Heb 8:5.  
  • Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord… IN VAIN
    The greeting of peace given right before communion has turned into an abuse.
  • You failed to maintain the proper attitude of a diocesan paper namely, you failed to condemn the idea.
  • One-sided
    I noticed that the article failed to mention the millions of pieces of silver that Catholic organizations receive from the government every year for refugee resettlement.
  • His advice shows that Catholic dogma is not relevant to our times.
  • He’s inspirational
    Diego Valeri is an inspiration to all Timbers fans, the Catholic community and the community at large.
  • Every two weeks I am inspired by the stories in the Sentinel.
  • A welcome story
    I especially appreciated the direct quotes that you included from Matthew Westerbeck and Kat Kelley, who are dedicated to keeping the service efforts going in the face of discouraging policy changes that have made the lives of refugees ever more difficult.
  • The Priesthood
    Jesus is most clear, most concerned, most forceful,  most prophetic: “Love Me, and you will fulfill all that I am asking of you.  Love Me, and I will fulfill all that you ask of Me.
  • Missed the point
    If position papers dealing with immigration issues were more honest about precise issues and precise terminologies they would serve to reduce polarization in this country rather than contributing to it
  • The First Commandment – I am the Lord Thy God
    Deep down how many of us truly want to be disciples of Jesus?

  • Test reading
    I urge you to test your children or grandchildren. Do they read at grade level? Do they read in a choppy, halting style?
  • Renewal of the priesthood
    Can you not watch one hour with Me?  Jesus promises the priesthood will be renewed.
  • Rejected grace?
    So, is a good man, a non-believer, saved because of his good works? If he was faithful to the graces given him, then yes. If he turned down grace — that judgment is not ours to make.
  • Look at history
    I have read several articles in the Catholic Sentinel lately about gun control. It seems you only put in articles that endorse those who want stricter control.
  • He was a remarkably devout Catholic, living for many years for God alone, free from all worldly affairs. For this he was re­warded by receiving the last sacraments of the church and a happy death.
  • Refuge of victims
    God bless all the faithful bishops and priests, and may the Lord guide Pope Francis in particular at this present time.
  • Moses – 960 Continuous Holy Hours
    Your physical eyes only see the veil, behind which is God Himself. You are in His Silence.  Distractions will come.  When you are aware of the distraction, DRIVE it out.
  • If some theologians and teachers molest children should the innocent theologians and teachers resign as a public act of repentance? Their petition is disturbing and does not seem very reasonable.
  • Steady beacon
    While the world around us boils and spits, God’s holy church remains an unmoving beacon in the storm.
  • Holy Hour – Sunday – Reverence
    Sorry to say, many Catholics today have lost the spirit of Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  Sunday is to be dedicated to the Lord with reverence. 
  • The episcopacy may include problems of wisdom and discernment. Thank God we have his grace in the service of the good Archbishop Alexander Sample.
  • Based on Gospel
    Regardless of how inconvenient it may be for those who fear the church leaning toward the Marxist left, the message of the New Testament regarding our obligation to strangers, refugees, and the poor in general could hardly be more clear.
  • Total disgust
    Am I never again to have a church I can be proud of rather than ashamed of? It is with total disgust that I look at the situation in my church. 
  • My human reaction was anger. Then I stopped to think of my parish priests and their kindness.
  • Wiser minds
    We, the members of the Justice and Peace Committee at St. Henry Church in Gresham, were dismayed to learn about plans to spend millions on a military might parade. The image of a country eager to display a militant attitude is in sharp contrast to the Statue of Liberty. Which would we prefer to show the world?
  • I also am proud of the position taken by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It is a stand for life and the value of the family.
  • “I am the lord, your God, be holy because I am holy.” Lev 11:44.  “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: ‘Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, be holy because I the Lord your God is holy.” Lev 19:1-2.  “But according to Him who has called you, who is holy, be also holy in all manner of conversation.  Because it is written: You shall be holy, for I am holy.” I Pet 1:15-16.  The book of Leviticus mentions holy and its derivatives 44 times.
  • The Holy Hour and Sanctifying Grace
    We are dealing with the most meaningful spiritual realities.  Grace is a blessing freely given by God.  Sanctifying means making holy.  Holy only relates to God.  Thus, Sanctifying Grace is God’s Holy Presence within us.
  • You got suckered
    Sen. Jeff Merkley is a grandstander, a backer of laws that protect baby killers and a strong supporter of “Sodom and Gomorrah.”
  • Avoid relativism
    I have recently read accounts of the clerical abuse in Pennsylvania. The problem, as I reflect on it, is the subtle introduction of moral relativism into our churches.
  • As women religious who have always sought to advocate for powerless and marginalized people, we are compelled to stand with Sisters throughout the world — including here in the U.S. — who have been victims of sexual violence and abuses of power by clergy, or anyone else.

  • The Holy Hour
    The Sacred Holy Hour is in a way an extension of the Mass.

  • Not all abusers
    The vast majority of Catholic priests are not child abusers
  • Holy Hour and Being a Disciple
    We are called to be a priestly people. 
  • True leadership
    Leadership is loving, truthful, kind, professional and its actions lift the community while practicing accountability. Archbishop Sample emulates leadership while political parties and politicians regularly demonstrate the opposite of leadership.
  • Holy Hour and the Priest
    Jesus promises to renew the modern day priesthood by this means for those priests who will respond to His call.

  • Not more crime
    I wish to counter erroneous statements in letters saying that immigrants commit a disproportionate percentage of all crimes in the U.S.
  • “Can you not watch one hour with Me?” Mt. 26:40

    Let us be mindful of many verses of Sacred Scripture that Our Lord wants us - to seek Him.

  • Balance lacking
    The Catholic News Service story about the Supreme Court ruling on the Trump Administration’s travel ban is not balanced.
  • Can’t throw stone

    Some contend that the national Catholic Charities leader, when in Portland, lied about migrants and refugees, when she said, “They had no alternative. They had to run for their lives.” I rather wonder at such critics’ notion of the social teaching of the Catholic Church.

  • Sovereignty

    The basic premise of country and immigrant has reversed. Think of one who has a home and family who invites guests. The home and family are the core. Since when do the guests take over the home?

  • Word choice
    I can honestly say that Christ is very alive and active in the hearts and the faith of so many of these persons without a home.
  • Wonderful
    I wanted to let you know that issue was wonderful.
  • A nation of laws
    How is someone who breaks into our country an immigrant and not an invader? If he has committed a crime, should he not be punished?
  • All go to heaven?
    If he truly believes that most people are going to heaven, regardless of what they believe or how they live their lives, then why do we need priests and the Catholic Church?
  • Gratuitous love
    Jesus is loving and forgiving, not courteous and polite.
  • He used you
    I find it totally hypocritical for the Catholic Sentinel to feature Sen. Jeff Merkley in a half-page article.
  • A new reader
    As a Presbyterian, it was the first time I had seen the paper.
  • Legal migrants
    I dare Catholics also to pray for ICE agents, border patrol, and national security personnel.
  • I noted contrast
    I was struck by the contrast on facing pages.
  • Perhaps next year you could also include the home parishes of the Catholic high school students.
  • Behind scenes
    There are so many people, myself included, who labor behind the scenes to fulfill the Lord’s work and the mission of the church.
  • ‘Let us begin’

    We are hearing the voice of young people — the students who have experienced school shootings — because not only their dignity but their very lives are in jeopardy. It is the adults, especially those in the church, whose voices are muted and muffled.

  • Long lines
    It’s worse than waiting in the checkout at Freddy’s.
  • You spread lies
    When the church starts basing its social teaching on falsehoods it will go the way of the Marxist and communist left, whose mantra has always been that the truth is whatever serves the cause.
  • Our dear Immaculata was always called an ‘academy’
    We “oldies” from pre-1958 will always be alums of Immaculata Academy.
  • Cry of children

    We are all God’s children. God hears the cry of the children and their parents. Do we? It is time to listen, stand up and speak out.

    John Kingery

  • Heavy heart

    This dictate has taken our God of abundance, who fed the crowds with five loaves and two fish so they wouldn’t go away hungry, to a God of scarcity.

  • Think out of box
    I would challenge her and all others who see social justice problems in our society to think outside the box.
  • Compassion time
    I am also familiar with Jesus’ teaching that loving God and loving neighbor are the two greatest commandments.
  • Use right term
    I seem to recall that the church is very strict about these lay people being referred to only as “extraordinary ministers of holy Communion” and nothing else.
  • Truly present
    After reading this article, I think I will always receive in the mouth.
  • Nothing sacred?
    The fashions were sexual and provocative. Some “stars” were in sensual and immoral poses.
  • A celebration?

    In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the successful ousting of the French incursion, a struggle for independence, a defeat of the European powers and a reversal of the conquest of Mexico. 

  • Need I kneel?
    Please understand that the faithful find God whether standing, sitting or kneeling.
  • Sign petition now
    If you have not yet signed this petition please go ASAP to www.stopthefunding.org/home/sign-the-petiton/ to sign
  • Greater reverence
    This action certainly will result in greater reverence at the time of Communion.
  • A form of justice
    We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, but the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God.
  • Violence of words
    Rather than venom, I think more articles showing interfaith activities and respect would be more harmonious with Catholic principles.
  • It’s a story about sinners who attempt to be more holy
    The Bible is not so much a book to be venerated as it is a spiritual guide through a physical world.
  • Mercy + justice
    We need more leadership and less capitulation to popular sentiment. Without justice mercy is meaningless.
  • I’ve often wondered why we ceased kneeling following the Lamb of God.
  • Why haven’t you acted to repeal your abortion law?

    It is totally beyond my comprehension that the Catholics of Oregon have not overwhelmingly deluged their state’s legislature with enough signatures to place their new pro-abortion law on the ballot to be rescinded. Where is their common sense?

  • Report on both!
    That seems kind of rude.
  • The negative effects of teaching stigma on mental illness are undeniable, yet we all too easily fall into that trap.
  • Just a platitude

    Jesus was very clear about the use of weapons whose sole purpose is to strike or to kill: “Stop, no more of this!” (Lk 22:51)

  • ‘Great integrity’
    He is truly a man of great integrity, piety and honesty.
  • Deeply grateful
    Thanks to Katie Scott for another characteristically thoughtful, informative, compassionate and incisive series on another topic of vital importance to all educators, parents, and especially young people.
  • Not idiots but un-Catholic
    While those positions are not idiotic, they are certainly un-Catholic.
  • A dearth of diversity in letters
    In the Catholic Sentinel I read articles and even editorials such as “Save the safety net,” March 16, page 27. This editorial urges readers to write Congress, and in particular House Speaker Paul Ryan.
  • A nationally known fight

    Regarding “Overruling the Klan,” March 2, page 1:

    This story described the intensity of the debate on the school closing initiative aimed at ending parochial schools in Oregon, but it had three important errors.

  • Another son

    I was at Mass at St. Mary in Eugene with my husband, John; he had a tough year with lots of medical problems. As usual, we sat in the back because of John’s big wheelchair.

    A thin young black man came and sat in my pew. He looked like a foreign college student who perhaps missed the campus Newman Center Mass.

  • Find beauty

    If Sunday Mass has become “the same old same old” for your adolescent children, why not expose them to something different, namely the Maronite liturgy at St. Sharbel Church in Southeast Portland  and/or the 11 a.m. high Mass at Holy Rosary?

  • ‘To receive me’
    Concerning your recent coverage on abortion: The Scandinavian composer Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) in his Fifth Symphony (Songs of Life and Death) has the baritone sing the part of the unborn child.
  • Thank you for explaining Becky’s important mission
    When I pick up my copy of the Catholic Sentinel after Mass, I spend the late morning and early afternoon reading it cover to cover — a truly delightful event.
  • Simple acts
    Ah, so simple, yet so complete, truly God-centered.
  • FBI memories
    Thenceforth, he began hiring only men of the Catholic faith. Naturally, the discovery of this ended the practice.
  • It failed to identify those supposed conservatives who actually advocate that the end justifies the means.

  • Practice peace
    Nonviolence and right to life filled the pages of the Feb 2. Catholic Sentinel with hope and inspiration.
  • God has a plan

    All humans are created by God. All humans have souls created by God. God controls this area 100 percent, not man.

  • Don't forget biology and psychology
    Human sexuality is a miracle and a mystery.
  • The Marycrest choir started earlier than you implied
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Allegras choir from my alma mater, Marycrest. However, I was also taken aback and somewhat insulted.
  • Show mercy
    That any woman considers abortion begs the question: Before conception, where were her family, her physician, her impregnator, her faith community and her clergy?
  • Your paper is obliged to present clear Catholic teaching

    Because of your newspaper’s office to teach and educate Catholics, you have a responsibility to present clear, authentic Catholic teaching to avoid harm to the souls of your readers.

  • A first experience with Portland’s right to life rally
    I also was surprised to find out that Oregon is the only state in the country that has no restrictions on abortions. A baby could be aborted here right up to birth.