Regarding the North Catholic High School special section, July 3, Pages 13-16:

Thank you for the stories about North Catholic High School, which had such a short time of service to the North Portland Catholic community.

I was in the first class to go through the school, graduating in 1962, and look back at an excellent education and strong memories of a supportive faculty and parents. The years I attended were the Sputnik years, with science courses given priority. But participation was encouraged also in school plays, debate clubs, honors societies and sports events.

Seeing the article caused me to bring out the 1962 Crest, the yearbook of which I was editor. All photos were in black and white. The nuns from many different communities all wore traditional garb. All the priests and, I think, all the sisters are dead. But we who were the students still remember the era of emerging Elvis Presley, cars with long rear fenders, uniform skirts below the knees (measured by our teachers), crewcuts, and bobbed haircuts.

I appreciate being reminded of this special school by your article.

Geri Ethen

North Portland