The Ancient One calls me, and having awakened I seek its voice.

It is a deep resonance so far within from a place I have not been maybe my entire mortal life.

But the way shows itself, and I begin the journey with a gentle fierceness.

I pause to catch the tones of an Eternal “Yes,” recalibrating my steps to that direction.

A heartache slows me, revealing itself as exquisite hunger to know and be known

mitigated by the long tasted sadness of having missed this mark so relentlessly.

Again, my soul returns to task, responding towards the primal summons.

Daring beyond my hope, I yield echo to Eternal One’s insistent petition for my return.

I raise my voice once more, attentive to the responsive plea, until finally in embrace,

our reunion becomes not the memory of, but rather the answer to the ancient prayer.

Heather Hannam

Oregon City