Regarding “There is help,” Feb. 19, Page 23:

I am a social worker. There are resources in Oregon for families, but we need to be realistic. That help doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Most maternity homes have women leave when their babies are 6 months old and don’t take in women who have older children. Further, many have required programming so the women don’t have time for work. Nor do homes provide child care to help those women get employment.

Aid groups can help only about $300 a year toward rent assistance — not enough to even rent a room from someone for a month. Child care costs are astronomical, especially for infants — the average is $500 per week. Families need long-term sustainable solutions. Affordable housing. Affordable child care. Jobs that pay them a living wage. Until we can open our eyes to see that the help being provided is not enough to really help those that need it we will continue to have a resource shortage in this country.

Emily Waldron

Southeast Portland