Regarding “Archbishop sees damage close-up,” Oct. 16, Page 1:

Thank you for the pictures of ruined, burned down houses, and for the words of the prayerful, resigned owners. Their faith is inspiring — I wonder if I could be that accepting of such a loss.

In the same issue, a letter writer claimed there is no need for a Black Lives Matter movement.

Would women have the vote if they had not banded together to demand that right? They were jailed and tortured for doing that, but they won that right.

In the scope of history, it was only recently that Black men were allowed to vote. Black women had to work for many years more for that.

Francis Collins wrote “The Color of Law,” telling us how from the beginning of our nation, laws have been written to exclude Black people from voting. Portland’s Albina area is named as an example. It had a post-World War II community for white veterans only. That was 1945.

As for the Black Lives Matter movement, if not now, when?

Jean Mitchell

Northeast Portland