The Catholic faith, rich in tradition and with a deep understanding of human frailty, offers a touchstone of sanity during this confusing era.

As health care rationing, driven by overwhelming need and divisions, once again fingers its way into our hospitals, it’s useful to turn to what the Catholic bishops wrote in April 2020. They urged providers “to always keep in mind the dignity of each person,” working together with the families.

The bishops also spoke about subsidiarity and solidarity, saying solidarity was especially important in times of health crisis. As Jesuit Father Andrea Vicini, a medical doctor and professor of moral theology at Boston College, told Catholic journalist Heidi Schlumpf, “My health is the health of the other, and the health of the other is my health.”

It’s important to remember as well that the pope and the bishops have said the vaccines against the deadly COVID-19 virus are ethical to use, even though they relied on fetal cells for testing (or even in development, in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

The far more expensive monoclonal antibody treatment also relied on fetal cell lines for testing.

Remember too that the pope and bishops have also continuously honored health care workers, who put their lives on the line for often ungrateful neighbors. The Journal of the American Medical Association writes that attacks and threats against health care workers have become alarming during the COVID-19 era.

Let’s pray more of us act with Christ’s love.