Some say that priests or bishops who consider enforcing canon law by denying the Eucharist to Catholic politicians who promote and finance abortion clinics need to be more “pastoral.”

No doubt this is an indirect criticism of Archbishop Cordileone and others who agree with the archbishop. Sadly, such thinkers equate the admonition to be pastoral with the commandment to “love your neighbor.” How unfortunate that they don’t distinguish between loving the sinner and hating the sin as Jesus often reminded us.

Jesus’ love for humankind was never at the expense of “living in truth.” Even at his trial he was confronted by the mantra of relativists: “Truth? What is truth?”

Politicians who proclaim their personal objection to the sin of abortion embrace it with their actions by providing legal and financial aid to thousands of clinics which provide the service that kills millions of children. Archbishop Cordileone, by explaining canon law to Catholic politicians, could not have been more pastoral. He was focused on their salvation. There is such a thing as objective truth and objective morality, and the church’s priests and hierarchy would serve Catholics more pastorally by explaining that truth more often and helping Catholic politicians form a right and true conscience, not the relative and lax conscience that some appear to live by.

Thomas Foy

Lake Oswego