Regarding “Joy, vexation and hope,” June 3, Page 4:

I left the Catholic Church at age 13 to escape the perceived bur-den of her teachings. I explored many other spiritual paths in-cluding meditation, New Age communities and finally no spiritual path at all. During that time I committed a lot of sexual sin. I also completed a doctorate at University of Oregon.

Then, out of nowhere, after having been away for 40 years, I be-gan having thoughts of returning to the Catholic Church. I called a priest, a faithful Dominican, who guided me back to the church and her teachings. It took at least two years before I was in full communion, but I am so grateful for that faithful priest and for coming home to the truth.

So, I ask that all of you who wish to change the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church: Be true to yourselves and leave. Explore! For those who love the sacramental life but hope for women priests, gay marriage, and sanctioned birth control, the Episcopal Church will welcome you with open arms. Want a New Age style spirituality? Try Theosophy, or any of a number of spiritual cen-ters. Like social justice and focus on science? Try the Unitarians. Become a Buddhist.

But please, out of mercy and justice, leave the Roman Catholic Church until such time as your eyes are opened to the beauty of what she teaches and she will welcome you back with open arms.

Michelle Meinhardt

Forest Grove