Courtesy of Cybercast News
Courtesy of Cybercast News
To the Catholic Sentinel:

In response to Mr. Loftus, I am happy to provide supporting documentation for the claim I made that 98 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services for pregnant women are abortion, as I assume that is what he is referring to.

From Planned Parenthood’s own 2009 Fact Sheet, here are the numbers:

Abortion procedures:  332,278

Adoption referrals:  977

Prenatal clients:  7,021

In sum, total services for pregnant women equals 340,276.

Doing the math (abortion procedures divided by total services for pregnant women) results in 97.6 percent of those services being abortion.

Rounded up, that’s effectively 98 percent.

A final note: I agree with Mr. Loftus that we should not lie in the service of our beliefs (and I have not). However, just as important, we should not turn a blind eye to intrinsic evils in our midst.

Rebecca Griffo