Regarding “Time for faith, humor? Try Chesterton,” April 17, Page 16:

I was delighted to see the story about G.K. Chesterton. He has been called the greatest writer in a century. Since high school I have been meaning to read his life story but never have.

Google answered my “Did he have a wife?” with loads of information. He and Frances Blogg were married young, in 1901. They had a happy, productive life, complementing each other with their talents; she was the organizer he needed. Frances led G.K. to the Catholic faith.

Chesterton wrote many books and articles — easy to read, rich with meaning. “Prolific” does not do him justice. The Father Brown stories are jewels in their simplicity. Sentinel readers have probably seen the Friday night OPB series about the modest priest-detective who solved crimes when the police could not.

Frances is the subject of two books. She and G.K. were married 35 years until he died in 1936. She died two years later.

I would welcome more stories of famous authors.

Jean Mitchell

Northeast Portland