Regarding “Islamophobia: Why it’s getting worse and the role of Catholics,” Oct. 5, Pages 14-15:

I deeply appreciated Katie Scott’s recent article on the Islamophobia problem among Catholics. As a Catholic who’s worked for a Muslim-founded, Muslim-led educational organization for the last eight years, I found it to be an illuminating, 360-degree look at a very serious issue for American Catholicism and the electorate generally.

What really grinds my gears is the apparent inability of many American Catholics to think back to the early 1960s and the not-inconsiderable opposition to John Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Thankfully, Catholic politicians these days don’t attract suspicion of secret allegiances to foreign powers, i.e., the pope. And heaven forbid we’d consider the deadly bigotry that faced our community in earlier American history.

Look at 19th-century anti-Catholic pamphlets. Swap the word “Muslim” for “Catholic” and “sharia” for “magisterium,” and you’ll have something that could have been written yesterday. The targets have changed but the hatred and suspicion are the same. We can certainly be better stewards of America’s promise of religious freedom for all.

Tim Brauhn

San Jose, California