Pope Leo XIII
Pope Leo XIII

St. Pope John Paul II worked for social justice but he worked against liberation theology and communism. The modern usage of “social justice” seems to advocate redistribution of wealth and equality through totalitarian mandates.

In “Rerum Novarum,” Pope Leo XIII wrote: “There are truly very great and very many natural differences among men. Neither the talents nor the skill nor the health nor the capacities of all are the same, and unequal fortune follows of itself upon necessary inequality in respect to these endowments.”

So it takes force to make all equally low in economy. Rather, we need to facilitate economic mobility with freedom of opportunity. The diversity of human capacity will achieve redistribution toward an elevated economy for more.

Isn’t Venezuela a screaming example against socialism? Isn’t the United States home of thousands of citizens who fled communism? I think Pope John Paul II is the patron saint of our age and Pope Leo XIII a well-remembered counselor.

Kelly Coughlin

North Bend