Regarding “Go nonpartisan,” Jan. 22, Page 31:

This editorial handles two important topics, abortion and legal execution, as moral equivalents. The writer starts in the middle as if all readers share her point of view that both abortion and lawful executions violate the pro-life concept. The distinction eludes both the writer and the editor who permits such sentimental nonsense to appear.

The writer equates abortion, (“Catechism of the Catholic Church,” Nos. 270-275) an intrinsically evil, unjust, action, i.e., the willful, pre-meditated, inexcusable termination of a human life in the womb, an important concept, with the lawful executions (CCC, No. 2266) of tried and convicted prisoners, who have been granted not only due process, the application of justice, and judged by “a jury of their peers,” and the usual, multiple, legally mandated and necessary taxpayer-funded appeals, as if they were morally equal.

The rest of the editorial degenerates into fuzzy feelings, more confusion of concepts (correlation and causation), and a silly fabrication, “Trump’s jailhouse killing spree,” ignoring the fact that execution for certain egregious crimes is the law of the land. She then chides the Supreme Court for following the law and permitting the lawful executions to proceed.

How is the Catholic community of western Oregon served by such confused, partisan feelings masquerading as intelligent thinking?

Dennis Sinclair