Regarding “A living document speaks to living waters,” Feb. 5, Page 11:

Thank you for your excellent article on the Columbia River Pastoral Letter. You have offered such a clear and inspiring account of how the pastoral came about, who was responsible, and how it continues to be a tool for reflection and action to this day.

I first “discovered” the pastoral online while I was on sabbatical at Holy Names College, Oakland, in the Creation Spirituality program. The document, and the listening process that formed it, was so inspiring to me as a Northwest Catholic. I thought it would soon become a topic of homilies, religious formation, and action on behalf of the environment.

Sadly, I was very naive in my enthusiasm. I never even heard it alluded to from the pulpit, although I did my bit to bring it to the attention of my pastor when I eventually moved to Portland.

Thank you too, for the invitation to Sentinel readers to familiarize themselves with this seminal document, use the reflection guide and take action by signing on to the “Declaration on Ethics and Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty.” Please keep writing articles on ways Catholics can practice our faith by caring for our common home.

Good Shepherd Sr. Joan Spiering

Northeast Portland