Regarding “Parish renovation wins historic preservation award,” Nov. 5, Page 8: Congratulations to parishioners and friends of The Madeleine Parish in Portland. The photo of the remodeled Old Church is beautiful. As a student of The Madeleine School for eight years in the 1960s, I recall the space well as the lunchroom for students who did not walk home for lunch. While it had good bones, the sanctuary was stripped of its religious decorations as Mass was celebrated in the new church across the courtyard to the south.

Lest classmates fear their memory has faded, the mural titled “Let the Children Come to Me” is installed on the west wall of the sanctuary opposite the altar, which was at the east end of the church (nave). Very noteworthy is the unusual location of the Old Church on the second floor above ground. The ground floor contained classrooms and the original auditorium situated beneath the church. The entire building is filled with parish history.

Tim Flynn

Lake Oswego