Regarding “Collector shocked to find what he has,” Oct. 1, Page 21:

This is an interesting article about Lovejoy Surgicenter. I go back a long way with Northwest Portland. My grandparents worked and lived on the property of the second St. Vincent Hospital on Northwest Westover. I also worked at St. Vincent and was stationed at St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 1967-70. I led a citywide marriage preparation program at St. Vincent.

What became Lovejoy Surgicenter had been convalescent home near the hospital, and of course the first St. Vincent’s was not far away, starting in the 1870s.

Think of the countless births at those two Catholic hospitals.

My suggestion for the equipment mistakenly collected from the now closed abortion clinic is this: Melt down the metal and make a statue of the Holy Innocents, a term that includes the unborn. These holy innocents in heaven are interceding for our country and world and those facing difficult decisions, including the fathers and mothers of the unborn.

I’ll leave it up to the artists, but we need something like that in Northwest Portland, a place so rich in Catholic history.

Auxiliary Bishop Kenneth Steiner