Regarding “We’ve been too quiet,” May 20, Page 23:

I hope that Mr. Langlois will forgive me if I do not hold myself responsible for the sins of my ancestors, whatever they may have been. I’m quite prepared to answer for my own conduct. Nor would I care to have my sons held to account for any misconduct of mine.

Neither am I aware of any advantage that has accrued to me by virtue of an injustice visited upon any Black man or ‘native’ American.

Should either the writer or, indeed, any living Black man or ‘native’ succeed in naming one I’d be happy to acknowledge it.

The ‘advantages’ I enjoy are due solely to the efforts of my parents who were at pains to raise good Catholic citizens. My parents’ efforts were preceded by earlier generations that include several veterans of the Union army who were quite clear about the need to end the scourge of slavery in our country.

John Metschan