Regarding “Yes to a steelier church” July 1, Page 23:

While I applaud the editorial regarding Nancy Pelosi, I have a question about the last sentence. How, precisely, are Governors Abbott and DeSantis “obstinately endangering immigrants”?

These governors are not responsible for the horrific deaths of 50 migrants packed into a trailer abandoned in the desert by human smugglers. These governors are not putting colored wristbands on migrants to signal how many thousands of dollars must be repaid to the drug cartels getting them over the border. The governors are not responsible for the massive surge in fentanyl overdoses traced to drug smugglers entering the country unhampered due to a 600% increase in crossing rates.

Those who wish to open our borders to higher rates of immigration should do so within legal channels. Catholics must speak up against drug cartels and human smugglers and the politicians who enable them, not against governors attempting to enforce existing laws.

Monica Burrill