St. John Paul II as Archbishop of Krakow. (Catholic News Service)
St. John Paul II as Archbishop of Krakow. (Catholic News Service)

St. John Paul II served as head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City from Oct. 16, 1978, until his death on April 2, 2005.

If John Paul II were still alive, he would have turned 99 years old on May 18.

He was born in 1920 and interestingly, by interchanging the places of the leftmost and rightmost two digits of 1920, 18/05/1920 yields 18/05/2019, his 99th birthday.

Also, the product of 18 and 5, the day and month numbers of John Paul II, equals 90 and 90 plus its reverse, namely 09, yields his new age, 99.

John Paul II was elected pope 41 years ago and he died 14 years ago.

Furthermore, he was elected pope at age 58 and he died in the 85th year of his life.

Pope John Paul II died 46 days before his 85th birthday and twice 46 equals 92, the middle two digits of his birth year, 1920.

Additionally, the day he died, 02/04/2005, was the 92nd day of 2005.

Moreover, four times the sum of 18 and 5, the day and month numbers of John Paul II’s birthday, also equals 92.

John Paul II served as pope for 26 years, 5 months, and 18 days, which adds up to a total of 9,666 calendar days. Interestingly, the sum of the prime factors of 9,666, namely 2, 3, and 179, equals 184, and 184 is twice 92.

St. John Paul II’s papacy began on 16/10/1978, written in the European fashion, and if this date is split in the middle as 1610 and 1978, the difference of these two numbers equals twice 184.

John Paul II’s birth name, Karol Jósef Wojtyla, contains 17 letters and 17 squared is 289 and the 289th day of 1978 was Oct. 16, the day he was elected pope.

John Paul II was born in 1920 on 18/05. The prime factors of 1805 are 5 and 19 and their sum equals 24 and 24 interpreted as 2/4 is the day John Paul II died in 2005.

Further, 1978, the year John Paul II became pope, equals the product of 2, 23, and 43, which are the first, ninth, and 14th prime numbers, and interestingly, 1, 9, and 14 add up to 24, again, the day John Paul died (2/4).

If numbers 1 to 26 are assigned to letters A-Z, the sum of the letter numbers of John Paul equals 97 and 97 is the 25th prime number. Note that John Paul II became pope in 1978 and interestingly, the sum of the digits of 1978 is 25, and if 1978 is split as 19 and 78, these two numbers add up to 97.

The middle two digits of 1978 are also 97. Moreover, the reverse of John Paul II’s birth year 1920, namely 291, equals 3 times 97.

Lastly, 3 plus 97 equals 100 and note that next year, 18/05/2020 will mark John Paul II’s centennial birthday.

Aziz Inan

University of Portland

School of Engineering

North Portland