Regarding “Healthy teams mean better evangelization,” Sept. 17, Page 1:

Thanks for this coverage. One nuance about the parish leadership teams that I think is important to point out is that in smaller parishes such as St. Wenceslaus, those teams are likely to include parishioners beyond the parish staff.

For instance, here, we have one staff member, one member of the pastoral council, and one very evangelistic-minded parishioner. All three of them attended the June Amazing Parish conference with me.

The Amazing Parish folks are big on highlighting the leadership teams as distinct from the staff.

In small parishes with small staffs, having staff and the leadership team be all the same people could diverge from the team’s purpose and nature. I believe this detail is crucial to convey as an element of the fresh "way of life" that Amazing Parish is meant to foster. That is, among other things, opening parishes up to a new breadth of leadership, active discipleship, and uniquely close collaboration with the pastor as a brother in Christ.

Fr. Chuck Wood

Pastor, St. Wenceslaus Parish