Regarding “We’ve come a long way,” Feb. 5, Page 23:

This editorial states, “Yet, we can all take some pride in seeing a Catholic person, of Irish descent, holding the most powerful office in the United States of America.” Is this pride supposed to be in the president’s executive orders promoting abortion both in this country and abroad, his withdrawal of support for the Hyde Amendment, his promise to work to codify abortion rights, his promotion of the transgender/homosexual culture?

I am embarrassed that a man who is doing these things is our president and claims to be a devout and practicing Catholic. We can all call ourselves anything we want, but that certainly doesn’t make it so. The proof is in our actions. The editorial goes on to say, “What a wonderful country we have in which people like us can raise our children to dream, to work hard and to succeed.” As Jesus taught in Mark 8:36, “What profit does a man show who gains the whole world and destroys himself in the process?”

Bob Taylor

Northwest Portland