Regarding “Renewal out of Portland?” Sept. 3, Page 1:

In 1985 I wrote a piece for the Sentinel on the visit to Portland of Rev. David DuPlessis, aka Mr. Pentecost, at St. Ignatius Parish in Southeast Portland. His message was that the gift/baptism of the Holy Spirit was open to all by asking for it. So simple indeed. I await further reporting on our shepherd’s spiritual journey and of course the renewal of the laity, aka the church, aka the People of God.

The pitch and charism of the Second Vatican Council focuses on renewal of commitment to sacred Scriptures, liturgy, separated believers as well as religious life.

My wife attended Marygrove College in Detroit 1963-67 and was involved in most of the renewal movements in Ann Arbor and Notre Dame. Some of those leaders are on the faculty at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit from where Father John Riccardo hails.

More than 50 years later and the quest for the gifts of the Spirit continues.

Peter Lax

Northeast Portland